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Mondays, 12:15 AM EST on Cartoon Network
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12 Seasons, 121 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Squidbillies is an animated television series about a family of anthropomorphic hillbilly squids "The Cuyler family" that live in indigence in the Appalachian region of North Georgia's mountains.


Meth O.D to My Madness

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Early buys a "hog lagoon", a range where he lets people shoot at the local porkers for a fee. But when he can't pay off Dan Halen's monthly payment of $60, he has Lil cook up some Meth.

Episode Reviews

by elfspider

Mar 07, 2016

A spin off from 'Family Guy' following the life and daily activities, of one of Peter's best friends.

by asleom

May 28, 2016

Good show, cleaner sense of humor with less focus on toilet jokes. In that regard I think it was better than Family Guy. However, towards the end of the show things went really stale.

by TelevisionFanboy

Jan 01, 2016

The funny spin-off of Family Guy, Cleveland show maintains a lot of the McFarlane humor while losing some of the randomness. Each season grows and proves that this show deserves to be watched. If you enjoy the later seasons go back and watch the first. If you don't, do not waste your time.

by cjirani

Jun 27, 2015

Seth MacFarlane is the best

by Isotropic

Dec 29, 2014

They tried too hard to replicate what made Family Guy so successful and ended up coming very, very short. Only survived as long as it did due to Seth MacFarlane's name being attached to it.