Season 11

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Season 11


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  • 16 episodes
    16 episodes
    • s11e16Which Investors Add Value
    • s11e15Venture Funding Challenges in Emerging Economies
    • s11e14Using Agents to Help Raise Money
    • s11e13Creating Real Value: Substance over Form When Raising Money
    • s11e12Setting Valuation
    • s11e11Option Pools and Sharing Wealth with the Team
    • s11e10Cautions about Raising Too Much Money
    • s11e9How Much Money to Raise?
    • s11e8How to Attract Great Talent
    • s11e7Leadership is the Scarce Input for a Startup
    • s11e6Replacing Yourself as CEO
    • s11e5What to Expect and to Avoid in Term Sheets
    • s11e4Advice about Term Sheets
    • s11e3How to Pick a Venture Partner
    • s11e2Raising Money outside Silicon Valley
    • s11e1Managing the Tradeoff between Venture Partner and Financial Terms