Season 14

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Season 14


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  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s14e13The Benefits of Advanced Technical Training
    • s14e12Lessons from Applying the HP Way to Startups
    • s14e11Selling High-Tech Products and Services to an Executive Team
    • s14e10Challenges in Cracking Big Markets
    • s14e9Differences between Student Life and Professional Life
    • s14e8Silicon Valley Compared to the World
    • s14e7Work-Life Balance for Driven People
    • s14e6Working With and Making Decisions with Great People
    • s14e5Seeking Advice and Guidance as a CEO
    • s14e4Private versus Public Company Tradeoffs: Building Credibility
    • s14e3Differences between Going Public in the Dot-com and Post Dot-com Eras
    • s14e2Competing with Giants: It
    • s14e1Transferring Big Company Culture to Startups