Season 39

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Season 39


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  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s39e25Not Invented Here: Online Mapping Unraveled
    • s39e24Computer Graphics as a Telecommunicati on Medium
    • s39e23Enlightened Trial and Error: Gaining Insight Through New Tools
    • s39e22Social Annotation, Contextual Collaboration, Online Transparency
    • s39e21Tap is the New Click
    • s39e20Sculpting Behavior: Developing a Language for Hands-on Learning
    • s39e19Pario: the Next Step Beyond Audio and Video
    • s39e18Tangible Media for Design and Inspiration
    • s39e17Science 2.0: The Design Science of Collaboration
    • s39e16Automating
    • s39e15MySong: Automatic Accompaniment for Vocal Melodies
    • s39e14Automatically Generating Personalized Adaptive User Interfaces
    • s39e13The Democratization of Ubiquitous Computing
    • s39e12The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Memories
    • s39e11Designing for Cuba: Necessary In(ter)vention
    • s39e10Technologies for Collaborative Democracy
    • s39e9Adaptive Interaction Techniques for Sharing Design Resources
    • s39e8Context Aware Computing: Understanding Human Intention
    • s39e7ChucK: A Computer Music Programming Language
    • s39e6Data Modeling and Conceptual Sketching in the Design Process
    • s39e5Toward Adaptive Services for Personal Archiving
    • s39e4Designing a Health Care Interface
    • s39e3Augmented Social Cognition
    • s39e2Accountability of Presence: Location Tracking Beyond Privacy
    • s39e1Designing Interactions that Combine Pen, Paper, and PC