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“Star Trek” Actors will Make Cameos on “The Orville”

"Humor. It is a difficult concept. It is not logical." That line by Saavik from Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, is true even to humans. What if funny to one person will explode into an argument with another person? Such is the danger in trying to make a comedy about any Star Trek theme or character. The early reviews are in on Fox’s new Star Trek spoof, The Orville. It got mediocre ratings in its premier, but fared better in the Nielsen "Live+3" ratings. The initial reviews were mixed, some saying it was hilarious while other seemed more annoyed at its attempt at humor. This latter group is more likely than not to be of the Trekkie variety. READ MORE...

Rainn Wilson Is Boarding Star Trek: Discovery as an Iconic Original Series Character - TVGuide.com

Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight Schrute on The Office , will guest-star on Star Trek: Discovery as a fan-favorite character from the original series, CBS announced Friday. Wilson will play Harcourt Fenton Mudd -- better known as Harry Mudd -- a charismatic intergalactic con man who acted as a comic foil to William Shatner's Captain Kirk on the original series; and will do the same with Jason Isaacs's Captain Lorca on Discovery . Read the full article at TVGuide.com .

Lawrence Montaigne Dies: Star Trek Vulcan Was 86

Lawrence Montaigne , a guest star and character actor on numerous TV shows throughout the 1960s and into the 80s but likely to be remembered for appearances as aRomulan and a Vulcan on the original Star Trek , died Friday at 86. His death was reportedby the official Star Trek twitteraccount. Though his roles stretch back to an uncredited appearance in the 1953 Vincente Minnelli musical The Band Wagon ,Montaignes career kicked into full gear in the 1960s. He played ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/03/lawrence-montaigne-obituary-dies-star-trek-vulcan-1202046698/

'Star Trek': 20 Greatest Episodes from the Original Series

Whether youre a long-time fan or looking for a starting point, let this top 20 episodes list from the original series of Star Trek be your guide to the stars. ...Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/MjRSVBV6MZo/star-trek-episodes-100-greatest-of-all-time-930788

A Fascinating Look at Life Behind the Scenes of Star Trek's Second Season

The first To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage book covered season one of Star Trek: The Original Series . Now author Gerald Gurian has released To Boldly Go: Rare Photos from the TOS Soundstage - Season Two , and its exactly what it says on the tinand its collection of photos are just as captivating. See for yourself!   Read More... //feeds.gawker.com/~r/io9/full/~3/UU9cD9Nmcbk/a-fascinating-look-at-life-behind-the-scenes-of-star-tr-1786711120

'Star Trek': Walter Koenig on Lean Years After Cancellation and How Writing Ultimately Saved Him

"I was very depressed when the show went off the air. My phone didn't ring. My agent didn't call," says Koenig, who decided to "move forward and try to create a new future" for himself and his family. ...Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/V_ZT8JW-kwU/star-trek-walter-koenig-lean-927088

Star Trek 50th Anniversary: Franchise Stars And Fans Boldly Mark Stardate

Fifty years ago today, the pop culture landscape was changed forever when NBC aired the premiere of Gene Roddenberrys visionary sci-fi series Star Trek . You all know the story, of course: The Desilu production was controversial in its time and often struggled in the ratings but acquired a devoted fan base that managed to save it fromcancellation in Season 2. Even so, Star Trek ultimately was axed after its third season and appeared headed for obscurity. ...Read More... //deadline.com/2016/09/stars-fans-tribute-star-trek-50th-anniversary-1201815645/

Here's Just a Bunch of Awesome Star Trek Art

Weve written a great many words about the 50th anniversary of Star Trek this week, we thought maybe it was time for a change of pace. But how do you do that and also continue to celebrate Star Trek? Cool pictures. ...Read More... //feeds.gawker.com/~r/io9/full/~3/h1kxF7O5lhw/heres-just-a-bunch-of-awesome-star-trek-art-1786344505

The Voyage HomeMay Not Be Star Trek's Best Film, But It Is the Funniest

Star Trek isnt really known as a comedy, and on its face, neither is The Voyage Home . Its about the Earth being threatened by mysterious aliens, and Kirk discovering the only hope of communicating with them is via humpback whales, which are long since extinct. But somehow, combining the two results in a fish (whale?)-out-of-water comedy thats one of Star Trek s best films. ...Read More... //feeds.gawker.com/~r/io9/full/~3/LI4npu0RgmY/the-voyage-home-may-not-be-star-treks-best-film-but-it-1786355146

'Star Trek': 100 Greatest Episodes

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the airing of the original Star Trek, THR counted down the best 100 episodes across all 6 series.   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/znNg_-pMTuU/star-trek-episodes-best-100-924455