Star Trek: Voyager

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Star Trek: Voyager

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on UPN
Tracked 3,796 Times
7 Seasons, 172 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Pulled to the far side of the Galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at maximum warp speed, a crew must come to terms with hostile aliens along the way.


Basics Part 2

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Star Trek: Voyager S3E1
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With the crew stranded on a barren planet, and the ship controlled by the Kazon, it's up to Tom Paris, Lon Suder, and The Doctor to retake Voyager and rescue their crewmates.

Episode Reviews

by ramonvanderburgt

Aug 18, 2016

Louis gets himself in all sorts of sticky situations, and for some reason there's always a camera filming his every move. Quite peculiar.