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Recap Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4, Episode 19 - The Killing Game Part 2

The Doctor finds a way to release Seven and Janeway from their neural interfaces, and the two plan to break the Hirogen's hold on the rest of the crew. Just then, the Americans storm St. Clare with the help of the French Resistance. Captain Miller (Chakotay) and Lt. Bobby Davis (Tom Paris) arrive to take down the Nazi stronghold in the town, calling in an air strike to blow up German headquarters. The explosion overloads the holo-projectors' already strained circuitry and blasts an opening from the holodeck into the rest of the ship. Holograms invade Voyager and the ship becomes a World War II battleground. Janeway fights off holo-soldiers and Hirogen Nazis to plant explosives in Sickbay. When it blows, the neural interfaces release the Voyager crew and they find themselves immersed in a war, or in the case of Neelix, amidst a herd of drunken Klingons. Meanwhile, the leader of the Hirogen captures Janeway and she realizes what he is trying to do. His own culture will never survive with their lifestyle of wandering in scattered hunting parties, and if he could establish holo-programs his people could stay together and experience countless hunts of all kinds. Janeway takes advantage of his wisdom and the two establish a truce. Unfortunately, one of the other Hirogen has become inspired by Nazi philosophy. He assassinates his leader and aims to conquer Voyager's crew in the spirit of righteous domination. Just in time, Neelix and The Doctor manage to merge the holo-programs, unleashing the murderous Klingons on the Nazis before they can execute the Voyager crew. Harry overloads the holodecks and the program finally ends. After days of fighting, a truce is called between Voyager's crew and the Hirogen. The Hirogen agree to leave Voyager in exchange for holodeck technology. Source: Wikipedia If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now