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Starsky and Hutch censorsed

I just watched the episode Blood Bath from Starsky and Hutch and it was censored, not just words but entire sceens were gone. There was 1 sceen at the zoo after he has been drugged, he regains conciousness and is in a barrel full of blood, it was why the episode was called Blood Bath. He freaks out not sure if it is his own or not. That scene was totally deleted as was the word ass. If you are going to present the episode then don't cut it us and censor it. This show was considered PG when it first aired. Why is what was PG then now considered too graphic to show and deleting the word ass, come on it isn't even really a bad curse word. Censorship for adults is ignorant and children not old enough to watch something like the original episode of this show should not be allowed on the computer without adult supervision.