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2018 Spring Anime Season Updates

.post img { padding: 20px 0 10px; } The spring 2018 anime season is filled with an amazing array of follow ups to some of the biggest shows in anime. Every fan should be excited to see sequels to some of the biggest series in the anime world, along with a few impressive-looking newcomers. Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online A spin-off of the immensely popular Sword Art Online series, this shows tells the story of a tall female player taking on the Gun Gale Online virtual reality video game world. This anime is filled with bullets, guns, and cool shoot-outs. If you are a fan of the SAO series or the virtual reality anime genre this is a must see. Shokugeki No Soma The second course of season three is here! Shokugeki No Soma aka Food Wars! features a group of young chefs learning to cook delicious-looking gourmet dishes. This food anime's popularity is well deserved. Each episode will make you hungry and inspire your own culinary evolution. Tokyo Ghoul: Re The ghouls are back! One of the most popular horror anime is back with a brand new ghoulish season of people versus bloodthirsty monsters. Horror, gore, and the millions of Tokyo Ghoul fans out there are drooling at the thought of more savagely thrilling anime action. The Seven Deadly Sins A-1 Pictures' Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments is the next saga in this fantastic fantasy series. If you haven't seen this anime about a group of strong warriors saving their kingdom, you must give it a try. If you like your shows cute with magic and flashy fight scenes this is the anime for you. Boku No Hero Academia Season three of My Hero Academia is here! Telling the story of unlikely hero Izuku Midoriya and his powerful superhuman ability All For One, this hero show packs a great punch! This anime is popular for a reason. Anyone into heroes, superpowers, or school anime will love this show. Steins;Gate 0 The most popular science fiction anime of all time is back with a new season! Steins; Gate is a time-traveling anime based on the misadventures of Rintarou Okabe. Even new anime fans are probably aware of this fantastic series, but if you haven't seen it yet you must give it a try. The story is heartfelt, exciting, and, most importantly, super smart. High School DxD Hero The fourth season of High School DxD is here. This long running school anime about a teenage boy reincarnated as a devil will have you laughing your butt off. The 2018 Spring Anime Season is an amazing one. Tell me which show you're most excited to watch in the comments. Happy watching!

A Beginner's Guide to Anime Part 2

So you're interested in watching anime? Or at least curious enough about it to read this article. Congratulations! Anime is one of the largest growing genres on television. Right now is the perfect time to start watching. Like I said in my previous article , this hybrid of art and storytelling is soooo worth checking out! Below are six popular anime I believe any beginner will love. Each of these series is a great place for any novice or newbie to start! If science fiction is your thing try Steins;Gate This science fiction anime is the best time travel story you'll ever see. I'm including Back To The Future in that statement so you know that I'm serious! Watching scientist Rintaro Okabe toy with time travel and pay the price is a truly resonant experience. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll love every second of it. Steins; Gate is impossible not to love after you've seen the end of the second episode. If horror is your thing, try Tokyo Ghoul Cannibalism, ghouls, fight scenes, and a heavy dose of blood make this anime one of the goriest. But it is also very, very good, not to mention popular. In a world with Ghouls, human lookalikes that feast on flesh, no human is safe. If you can handle something dark with more than a little bite ;) try this one out! If action, adventure, and long running series are your thing, try Bleach Ichigo Kurosaki is a soul reaper. His job is to help spirits pass on to the Soul Society and to vanquish any threats with his huge zanpakuto (sword). This anime has it all. Awesome sword fighting scenes, tons of jokes, a great soundtrack, an intriguing plot, tons of dynamic characters and best of all over 350 episodes!!! If you like fantasy, magic and silliness try Fairy Tail If you like kitties, magic, silly humor, or uplifting shows about friendship you have to check out the adorably cute Fairy Tail . It tells the story of Lucy Heartfilia, a wizard just coming into her own, as she joins the best magical guild in all of Fiore. Together with her Fairy Tail guild mates, they use their magic and go on tons of crazy adventures. A favorite in the anime community due to the large number of episodes, merchandise, and fans! If you like shows that are intelligent, thought provoking, slick, and addictive try Durarara!! This classic anime gained popularity while it was shown on Adult Swim's Toonami block. Telling the story of three high school friends living in a city filled with secrets, Durarara!! is my very favorite anime. Filled with all sorts of classic anime tropes, each character is a revelation. Whether it's universally loathed/loved Izaya Orihara, the magnanimous Shizuo Heiwajima, or headless rider/dullahan Celty Sturluson, Durarara always has an exciting story to tell. If you like your shows kid friendly, cute, and filled with stunning visuals try Little Witch Academia Netflix's Little Witch Academia is delightful to watch. Young Witch Akko has just been accepted to the magic school of her dreams. Unfortunately, she's the least talented in her class. But with determination and heart, she is determined to become an inspiration just like her idol Shiny Chariot. The second season of this amazing show was just recently released. I wholeheartedly recommend every anime on this list and hope you find the right one that gets you hooked! Let me know how you liked them in the comments below. p { text-align: justify; }

‘Steins; Gate’ PS3 Game Opening Sequence Revealed

The TV series may have ended awhile ago but there’s some projects in the works and the first one to come to fruition will be the May 24th PS3 adaptation of the game for the series which started initially on the XBox 360 and has landed elsewhere. This marks its first appearance on this platform. The opening sequence for it has been revealed with a look at the glossy production style for the characters as well as the song itself by Kanako Itou, the songstress that worked on the TV series as well and provided several themes for it. READ MORE...

‘Steins; Gate’ To Get Theatrical Feature Film

The sound you hear is that of Steins; Gate fans heads exploding across multiple timelines. Or, to put more succinctly, "Sonuvabitch!" After the end of the final episode of the series that debuts today in Japan, there is an additional clip that announces that a theatrical production has been green-lit for Steins gate. There are no details at this time, but it’s something that will keep the show alive in another form, which it’s very much capable of. The TV series, which is being simulcast on Crunchyroll, got a pick-up at Anime Expo this year by FUNimation as the series is considered a spiritual successor to Chaos; Head which FUNimation also has. READ MORE...

The 5 Best Intellectual Anime Series

Love anime? Heard of it but never indulged and looking to check it out? Why not start with the five best?! As an anime conoisseur, I can say without a doubt that the fundamental aspects of intellectual anime are the ingenuity, originality, and high-level of intelligence that go into the writing of these iconic titles. You may have heard of the first two series here, but that's why I'm including five, so even people who're familiar with Death Note and Code Geass can find something of a similar intellectual caliber to watch. If you've been hesitant about anime in the past, it's never to late to start, and there's no better place to begin with than those which contain some of the smartest writing in the animeverse.     1. Death Note   Genres: Mystery/Thriller/Supernatural Description: A brilliant young idealist finds a journal granting him the power to decide who lives and who dies. Why: Death Note is one of the most popular anime franchises in all of Japan, and for good reason: it's extremely original. It is not an action-based series, but rather the start of a small sub-category of anime that focuses on extremely intellectual writing, including mind games, brilliant plans, masterminds and games of cat & mouse. Like the BBC ’s Sherlock where you watch and become entranced by the ingenious deductions of the protagonist, Death Note is similar as you watch the protagonist, Light, attempt to use the titular "Death Note" to create a world free of crime—and the brilliant ways in which he hides himself from the genius detective that is after him. It’s truly unique.           2. Code Geass & Code Geass R2   Genres: Mecha/Action/_television/genres/syfy Description: A man with a mysterious paranormal mind-control ability uses his gift to start a rebellion in a world rife with turmoil. Why: Unlike 99% of mecha anime, if you Google Code Geass , you will be hard pressed to actually find a giant robot. That's because although the show focuses on combat, the method of combat for a considerable amount of time, it isn't the focus of the show. What makes Code Geass so exceptional is how main character Lelouch uses his ability to read the battlefield, plant spies from within, and create a whole hidden network/rebellion all while maintaining a separate identity.             3. Eden of the East   Genres: Suspense/Thriller/Mystery/Action Description: Three months after a carefully orchestrated missile attack on japan with no casualties, 12 seemingly random people are given ¥10 Billion by the terrorist and told they must spend it to "save the world"—or be killed Why: Eden of the East , like Death Note , is highly intellectual. While not primarily an “action” show, it doesn't lack for suspense. It's somewhat conceptually similar to FOX ’s 24 : using a large pool of money, but given virtually no clues, Akira must use everything at his disposal to uncover a terrorist plot, and save Japan from total annihilation. Along the way he encounters other players in the game: a detective, a hospital director, a serial killer, and more. Rather than a second season, there are two movies that continue the story.           4. No Game No Life   Genres: Fantasy/Ecchi/Adventure Description:  The world's best online gamers—a brother and sister collectively known as blank—are sucked into an alternate reality in which the outcome of everything is determined by games. Why: First of all, No Game No Life has some of the most colorful and beautiful art of any anime out there (though, fair warning, this series is intended for a male audience, and it can be intensely sexual). Everything in the world of the show must be solved using games, of which the creators determine the rules. The loser of the game is then magically forced to comply to the agreed upon terms. It features clever schemes, plots, and games orchestrated to bring humanity—here a nonmagical group—to the forefront of the many powerful, magical races that populate this strange colorful world. Don’t underestimate protagonist Sora: he may be a pervert, but he's no less a hero than the others on this list. Together with his sister, they can beat anyone—even a god.         5. Steins;Gate   Genres: Science Fiction/Mystery/Comedy Description:  Real world Mad Scientist Okabe Rintaro accidentally invents a time machine, triggering a series of events that put him and his friends in danger. Why: Stein’s;Gate is both a highly popular anime, and a game series. It’s quirky and fun with a good balance between humor and seriousness. In this mind-bender, Okabe and his friends must wrack their brains to unravel the mystery of how their (accidental) time machine works. Though not as good as any of the above animes, it still stands above the rest of the anime genre in terms of intellectuality.