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Storage Wars Secrets the Cast Doesnt Want You To Know

Storage Wars has been an entertaining and highly amusing show now for years. Its featured some truly controversial episodes and run through an entire gamut of emotions that the audience has gotten to see their favorite stars go through from time to time. Yet for all that we have to remember that its just a show. Whatever goes on with this series is highly suspect when it comes to reality. It might make us laugh and even pump our fist in triumph when our favorite characters get one up on the supposed villain (cough, Hester, cough) but really and truly  ...Read More... //

Five Life Lessons the Show Storage Wars Teaches Us

Storage Wars is an American reality TV show that has been running on the A&E Network since 2010. In brief, the state of California has a law that when the rent on a storage locker has not been paid for three months, its contents can be auctioned off as a single lot for cash. As a result, Storage Wars is centered around a core cast of bidders who compete for these lots, whose interactions can teach viewers a number of important life lessons. Here are five life lessons that Storage Wars teaches us: Risk Is a Constant There are times  ...Read More... //

'Storage Wars' Brawl: Fans Are Upset After Dave, Dan & Laura Get Amped Up Over Missed Bid

There was a brawl on the set of A&E's "Storage Wars," and it wasn't pretty. Auctioneer Dan Dotson missed a bid, and producers told regular David Hester about the situation, reported TMZ. Things...   Read More... //

The Storage Wars Set Turned Into a Brawl

The Real Housewives of New Jersey arent the only ones who know how to get swept up in a good scuffle.   Read More... //

Storage Wars Dave Hester and Co-Stars Brawl Fallout Caught on Camera (Video)

Did Storage Wars just get a little too hot for TV? As star Dave Hesters catchphrase would tell it, Yuuup! As the story goes, when A&E auctioneer Dan Dotson ( pictured: right ) missed a storage locker bid from Hester during Fridays Palm Springs taping, producers told the series regular bidder to tell Dan about the oversight. Apparently Dotson ignored Hester ( pictured: left ), and Daves persistence didnt end well. Per TMZ, after Dotson threatened Hester, Dave decked him. In the melee that ensued, Dotsons wife Laura reportedly jumped on Hesters back and got tossed to the ground.   Read More... //

'Storage Wars' Season 5, 'Barry'd Treasure' premiere on A&E: Watch a preview

One of A&E's most popular shows returns Tuesday (March 18) when "Storage Wars" premieres its fifth season with two back-to-back episodes, titled "Flight of the Gambler" and "The Hills Have Buys."In the premiere episodes, Brandi and Jerrod face a problem that affects more than just their business, plus you'll get to meet new buyers: Rene Nezhodah and his wife, Casey, who will do whatever it takes to gain respect from the veterans, and Ivy Calvin, who is known for pulling no punches and is hoping to score big for his store with some tools. Following the "Storage Wars" premiere is the debut of brand-new series "Barry'd Treasure," which follows buyer/collector Barry Weiss, who is now retired from the storage auction game. Each week he'll go on a different cross-country journey to find some of the nation's rarest and more valuable collectibles. Watch a preview below."Storage Wars" returns at 9 p.m. ET/PT and "Barry'd Treasure" premieres... //

‘Storage Wars’ Barry Spinoff ‘Barry’d Treasure’ to Premiere in March

“Storage Wars” favorite Barry Weiss will take the lead with his very own show, “Barry’d Treasure.” The “Wars” spinoff will premiere March 18, following the Season 5 premiere of “Storage Wars,” A&E said Tuesday. The limited series will feature Weiss, now retired from the storage auction game, as he embarks on a cross-country journey unearthing some of the nation’s rarest and most fascinating collectibles. Read More... //

A&E Premieres "Storage Wars" Season 5 and New Limited Series "Barry'd Treasure" March 18

"Barry'd Treasure" follows the exploits of Barry Weiss, the eccentric "collector" America fell in love with on "Storage Wars."   Read More... //

'Storage Wars' Returns for Fifth Season Tuesday March 18th

America’s favorite treasure hunters are back in action  Read More... //

‘Antiques Roadshow’ Stars Appraise ‘Storage Wars’ – Bring Out the Antique Knives

The appraisers of “Antiques Roadshow” were asked Tuesday to appraise some of the shows that have borrowed from their format. Ever seen them gently break the news that grandma’s wedding ring is worthless? It was kind of like that. Series executive producer Marsha Bemko and appraisers Laura Woolley and Wes Cowan were asked at the Television Critics Association winter press tour Tuesday what they thought of shows like “Storage Wars,” “Pawn Stars,” and “American Pickers,” in which people present forgotten items that they hope will pay off their mortgages.  Read More... //