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Storage Wars Season 4 Review “Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude” & “The Young and the Reckless”

Storage Wars  kicked off its fourth season tonight with "Straight Into Compton: Biddaz With Attitude". With little to no fanfare, the first episode of a brand new season started the same way the rest of the episodes  start: With the bidders all making their way to their next auction and talking crap about their opponents. I don’t know what I was expecting, but you’d think that A&E would have slapped together a little something to get people more excited of a brand new season of one of their most popular shows. Maybe they could have shown an exciting montage of past moments, or maybe another one of those trailers featuring the bidders and a bunch of explosions. I realize that A&E made 26 episodes for season three, but only aired 20, so this episode should have belonged to season three. That’s possibly why it felt more like a middle-of-the-season episode than a season premiere. Read More... //

Storage Wars “Sheets and Geeks” & No Bid for the Weary” Review

Well, here we are folks. The final  Storage Wars  episodes of the season! I’m sure A&E will continue some season 3 episodes in 2013, but for now it’s time to say goodbye to Barry, Jarrod, Brandi and Dave. What’s that? I didn’t mention Darrell? Hmm… Well "Sheets and Geeks" starts out with our wonderful buyers making their way to Santa Ana, California and to another branch of Mini U Storage. It was interesting to see the rest of the fellas notice that Dave Hester hasn’t been buying a lot recently. Dave has definitely had a decreased presence this season, so it’s interesting to see the rest of the cast notice just how infrequently he’s been buying. It turns out he actually went home empty-handed again this episode, so it’s obvious that these other guys are onto something. Read More... //  

Storage Wars “Dr. Strangebid” Review

In tonight’s single installment of  Storage Wars , our buyers made the long drive out to the beachside community of Westminster California and another location of Mini U Storage. "Dr. Strangebid" also started with the same thing we’ve been seeing all season: Darrell being a jerk. His poor kid is trying to compliment him, but Darrell throws it right back  in his face! Dan also promised to Laura that she could auction off half of the units, which really seemed to make her day! Moving on the auctions, Jarrod won the first locker of the day for only $750, and at first glance it just had a few pieces of OK furniture. Upon closer inspection they actually found a crazy ancient Chinese seismograph made of ox bone. While it may sound impressive that the appraiser in Pasadena said it was worth $3,500, I’m calling a big fat BS on that. Maybe to some guy who collects and displays Chinese antiques it’s worth that much, but is anybody in Jarrod and Brandi’s thrift store going to spend that much for a broken seismograph? Nope. Read More... //  

Storage Wars “There’s Something About Barry” Review

Storage Wars  returned tonight with it’s first single  episode showing of the third season: "There’s Something About Barry". With all of the buyers making their way to Self Storage in  Lakewood, we see a bit of a strange opening. After seeing Jarrod/Brandi and Darrell/Brandon boast about how they plan on buying one of the six available units, we hear something quite different from Barry: He plans to NOT buy a locker. That’s right, Barry thinks of himself as a "Storage locker addict", and is going to try to kick the addiction. Yeah…we’ll see how long  that lasts. Read More... //  

Storage Wars “Buy, Buy Birdie” & “The Return of San Burrito” Review

Tonight’s first installment of  Storage Wars , "Buy, Buy Birdie", brought our buyers to the small farming community of Chino. All of the pre-auction scenes were a bit goofy, as we get the same ol’, same ol’ from all of our buyers. Barry is optimistic and excited for the auction , Dave is regaling his past success stories at this new city, Jarrod and Brandi are talking how important the auction is for their store, and Darrell is being an immature punk and talking about how Brandon needs to start pulling his weight. Really deep lesson there, Darrell. "You’re always in the proper seat. Always be prepared to take the wheel!" That’s some real Mr. Miyagi stuff, there! Read More... //  

Storage Wars “The Ship Just Hit the Sand” Review

The second new installment of  Storage Wars  tonight brings our buyers to Mini U Storage in Irvine, California. No Jeff Jarred, and as Jarrod points out, Dave Hester is gone yet again! Or is he?! Well Mr. Hester returned this week in grand fashion, letting loose his trademark "Yuuup!" from across the parking lot. Dave came back in style and won his first locker back with $275. He ended up making $1,005 on some neon letters that were appraised by the very quirky Nick Metropolis. I might be wrong, but was this the first time in  Storage Wars  history that an appraiser just gives a straight up lie as the appraisal value? What a jerk move! Read More... //  

Storage Wars “From Russia With Chucks” & “The Full Monty-Bello” Reviews

Storage Wars  returned tonight from its 4th of July  hiatus with "From Russia With Chucks", as the buyers make their way to Storage Outlets  in Gardena. Some pretty interesting developments took place right off the bat, as we see that the new buyer Jeff Jarred is returning in place of Dave Hester. It’s a little strange that Dave is still so active on his Twitter feed  during the episodes, and that he plays so heavily into the promotion and advertisements for the show, but he’s been conspicuously absent multiple times this season. Jeff Jarred did come off quite a bit better this week though, as he bought the bedroom unit for $1,050. He ended up only making $630 back on his russian nesting dolls  and some other odds and ends, but he did a lot to curry more favor with this reviewer. Jeff came off pretty terribly in the last installment, as his first impression was that of a whiny snitch that accused everybody of ganging up on him. I’m hoping he can continue to be a bit more lighthearted in his episodes, and here’s hoping Hester comes back as a series  regular soon! Read More... //  

Storage Wars “All’s Fair in Storage and Wars” & “The Fast and the Curious” Review

The  Storage Wars  crew returned tonight with "All’s Fair in Storage and Wars", as the crew makes their way to the US Storage Center in the beautiful beach community of Laguna Niguel. That’s right, the team’s all here! The Sheetz team showed up, Jarrod and Brandi came, Barry and…Jeff Jarred?! Who is this guy?! That’s right, tonight’s first episode introduced us to a new bidder: Jeff. With Dave Hester missing the last episode due to decreasing sales in his stores, it looks like the  Storage Wars  producers are lining up a new character to replace Hester when he’s unable to make it to the show. Even though I like the idea of meeting new buyers, Jeff’s introduction was a bit…off-putting. Read More... //  

Storage Wars “A Civil Accordion” & “…More Like, WRONG Beach” Review

(Editor’s Note: We will be combining both  Storage Wars  episode reviews from now on into a single article. No more looking around for both reviews!) Storage Wars  made their way to the tiny southern California town of City of Industry in "A Civil Accordion". I only know of this city as the place that takes about 2 minutes to drive through on my way to Disneyland, so it was nice to see the Storage Wars crew hitting it up for an auction. After everybody shows up, including an in-tact Darrell and Brandon team, we get straight to our first unit of the day. Dave bought the first unit full of air conditioners for a measly $300. I’m not sure why nobody else went any higher on it, since everybody was talking about how much they might be worth, and Hester ended up selling them for $1,500! They weren’t even in the best condition! Dave definitely had the easiest purchase of the day, even though he may not have made the most money. Read More... //  

Storage Wars “Here’s Looking at You, Kenny” Review

(Editor’s Note: Following is the review for the second episode of tonight’s two-part Storage Wars  block, "Here’s Looking at You , Kenny". You can check my page at for the review of the first episode.) Storage Wars  continued it’s two-episode block tonight with the much more interesting "Here’s Looking at You, Kenny". The buyers all cruise over to StorAmerica in the small town of Hawaiian Gardens, California. Hawaiian Gardens is actually the smallest city in Los Angeles  county, so it looks like they’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel of cities to visit at this point. No offense to anybody living in Hawaiian Gardens or anything. Read more... //