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'Strike Back' Director Breaks Down Series Finale: "I Wanted to Wring Everybody Dry"

"Its almost pulling the rug out from under the audience a little bit," co-executive producer and finale director Michael J. Bassett tells THR about the last episode's big shootout.   Read More... //

Sullivan Stapleton: From 'Strike Back' To 'Blindspot' And Still On Top

Today is a difficult day as we brace ourselves for the series finale of Strike Back, which comes to an end after a tremendous run on Cinemax. TV is about to lose a show the likes of which it may no...   Read More... //

Strike Back May Live on as a Movie

Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton would likely return if the film is greenlit.   Read More... //

How Strike Back's Final Season Proved Me Wrong

As it turns out, a more emotional version of Damien Scott is not a bad thing.   Read More... //

'Strike Back': Dustin Clare Crashes Cinemax Season 4

Strike Back's Stonebridge and Scott got some competition this season, in the form of brash contractors Faber and Mason. The duo both helped and hindered Section 20 in Cinemax season 4, and they cer...   Read More... //

Will Yun Lee Adds Even More Muscle To 'Strike Back'

When your central villain is played by Michelle Yeoh, the guy working opposite her had better be equally talented. Strike Back doubled down on the awesome villain casting when it hired Will Yun Lee...   Read More... //

'Strike Back': Michelle Lukes On Julia Richmond's Last Stand

Julia Richmond has long been at the heart of Cinemax's Strike Back, as the show's most well-known and longest tenured female character. But after last night's jaw-dropping plot twist after Richmond...   Read More.... //

Michelle Yeoh Is 'Strike Back's' Killer Woman

Strike Back notched a big one in the win column when it signed Michelle Yeoh for one of the major roles in its final season. From being a Bond girl in Tomorrow Never Dies to kicking butt in any num...   Read More... //

'Strike Back: Cinemax Season Three' Slams Into Blu-Ray And DVD

Getting a TV show to DVD isn't as easy as you'd think. So many great shows get underwhelming releases that don't do justice to the product they're preserving. That's never been the case with Cinema...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' star Philip Winchester: 'Maybe I'm just stupid enough to enjoy it'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall interviews "Strike Back" star Philip Winchester about the Cinemax action drama's final season, and his upcoming role opposite Wesley Snipes in NBC's "The Player."  Read More... //