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Strike Back Series Finale Review: The Great Escape

The Cinemax series signed off for good in typical fashion, with a satisfying and adrenaline-pumping finale that saw Scott and Stonebridge face down one last seemingly impossible situation.   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Series Finale Recap And Review: Disgruntled Establishment

Friday's Strike Back series finale marked the end of the greatest action series of all time, and one of TV's greatest dramatic series of all time. After four seasons of more trauma and more action ...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' finale review: Did Stonebridge & Scott go out in a blaze of glory?

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of "Strike Back," the Cinemax action drama starring Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester.   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 39' - Battle Over The Bomb

The end of Strike Back is just one week away, meaning there's no time left for Stonebridge and Scott to keep the North Koreans from unleashing their devastating nuclear weapon on Korea. Can the her...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 38' - All About That Bomb

With Li-Na and Kwon one step ahead of them following the bank heist in Vienna, Michael Stonebridge and Damien Scott need to get back in the game. This week's episode of Strike Back sees our Section...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 37' - Tough Homecoming

Just four episodes of Strike Back remain, so it's time to get down to it. With everyone having fled North Korea at the end of last week, "Episode 37" takes the fight between Section 20 and Li-Na ba...  Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 36' - Prison Break

When we left the heroes of Strike Back two weeks ago, things were looking grim. As usual, they'd struck a huge blow for the world but at the price of themselves. This time, Michael Stonebridge, Dam...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 35' - Everyone's A Liability

Considering the heartbreaking way in which last week's episode ended, it's no surprise that this week's episode of Strike Back is all about getting even - and Section 20 isn't waiting for their opp...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 34' - Section 20 Loses A Member

Strike Back begins this week with the team broken up, so what better to do than break them down further? "Episode 34" pulls no punches, blows a few things up and shoots a few more, and it ends with...   Read More... //

'Strike Back' Recap And Review: 'Episode 33' - Storming The Beach

Strike Back is one of those shows that's never satisfied (and therefore, always satisfying to the audience). It's always looking for the next big thing to do. So what's to be done after revealing a...   Read More... //