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Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 12 - Review: "Ep 12"

Strike Witches draws to its conclusion for the second season of the series and it again provides us with few real answers. The Neuroi race has been one that I do find fascinating in their design since they have a really neat look to them and a very otherworldly feeling overall when you watch how they move over the world and interact. The downside is that both seasons have truly given us little to work with when it comes to them as they're essentially just there. They're often defeated easily as the alien of the week which keeps the show much more focused on being about the Witches and what makes them tick along with their relationships. Except at the end of the seasons when they go big in dealing with the Neuroi. tHe first season gave us a bit more with a Neuroi that tried to make contact with Yoshika by taking humanoid form and attempting communication. This one has the Fuso battleship Yamato having Neuroi technology added to it so that it can fly up out of the ocean and ram the massive Neuroi ship that's over Romagna. Except that when it hit the barrier, it couldn't break through, leaving the thing a powerful weapon on the edge that can't be utilized. A weapon that requires a sacrifice to use from one of the Witches who is needed to go there and accelerate the special engine, allowing it to explode and break through the special barrier. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 11 - Review: "Ep 11"

Shades of the first season have been apparent through this one as well and it's coming up again now that the season is close to the end. With the fight against the Neuroi going on as long as it has, the military has been working hard to gain an ultimate weapon to use that will end things once and for all. And as they pursue this, they see them having less and less use for the Witches themselves, which they believe cannot actually end the war and only prolong it, or stave off things until they can get their weapon ready. The weapon that they've come up with also have shades of the first season as they've designed a Neuroi based mechanism into the Yamato battleship that will allow it to destroy the main den of Neuroi in Romagna, which they are close to losing. With the plan to essentially sacrifice Romagna, a place the Witches recently had a mission in, it impacts them pretty hard as they get really concerned and there's even a bit of crying. But Minna has her own plans she wants to put into effect to try and salvage something here so that Romagna isn't destroyed. In the midst of this decision, Sakamoto faces her own personal crisis as her powers are dwindling ever more, which was expected to happen even earlier because of her use of the sword that eats up a lot of her magic. Her quest to use the sword and master the True Reppuzan, something she talked about before with Yoshika, is what is driving her more than anything else at this point and has pushed her over an emotional edge. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 10 - Review: "Ep 10"

With the series having only a few episodes left, it's time to start in on the more serious plot with a bit of humor mixed in along the way. In order to prepare for it, things are ramping up for this Strike Witch unit as they're being assigned a new member for a particular operation. This brings in Hanna Marseille, who served with Hartmann at one point and talks laughingly about an obnoxious commander named Barkhorn, which means she's pretty much right at home in this group as she causes a bit of tension from the start and continues to do so well into mission planning. Not surprisingly, rank and hierarchy are pretty much problematic for the Witches since there are plenty who have something of a superiority complex because of their abilities on top of a general superiority complex. Marseille in particular has a bit of a rough and tumble sense of humor and her relationship with Hartmann has the two of them playing things up a bit. But for Barkhorn, it just sets her off and she ends up throwing them in a temporary brig of sorts to cool them down a bit and to try and ease some of the tension. There's a bit of history to this as we see the kind of mindset that Marseille has and it becomes pretty clear that she's all about the victory and that's it. As the episode goes on and we get the montage segment of Marseille going through the routine, we do see that in some ways she's not all that as she's not exactly out of shape but she isn't used to the kind of basic rigors that a lot of the Witches go through. It is nice to see her being competitive with Hartmann, who doesn't return the competitive nature, and to see that the two are decent friends overall even with all the issues in their friendship. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 9 - Review: "Ep 9"

Strike Witches kicks off with a nice bit of action, always helpful, as the girls deal out some destruction on the latest Neuroi to foolishly attack them with no clear plan of action in mind or apparent goal. It's a bit of a tough fight but Perrine strikes the critical blow that saves the day and ends up earning them all something of a day off the next day so they can do some basic silly drills at the beach wearing lots of pretty swimsuits and being silly. A little bit of play, some silliness and a fun little trip down under the water that reveals to them a treasure chest that they get excited over, especially Perrine. The chest itself is pretty amusing as there's several chests within the chests and it leads to an empty chest, dashing Perrine's hope. She's become very concerned about a village that they fought near recently which had a lot of ancillary destruction bestowed on it from their fight against the Neuroi and she decided she wanted to use the treasure in order to help rebuild a bridge there that she feels particularly responsible for. So when they basically go on a treasure hunt with a map that takes them into the lower levels of the base, which is an old witches refuge from years and years ago, we get a nice period of everyone working together and a bit of mystery, excitement and adventure in the most basic of treasure hunting manner. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 7 - Review: "Ep 7"

Sometimes nothing cements the image of anime more than the seemingly continual stream of bath episodes that come along, or the beach scenes. Similar to how Ranma always ended up having water around him, when it comes to anime there's almost always a bath scene nearby. With Strike Witches, it's no exception and honestly I'm surprised it's taken this long to really get to it. In a time of war, having a functioning bath is obviously a must, but the Witches luck out as the maintenance crew has made them an open air bath that they'll be able to use soon, which leads to excited squeals of schoolgirls. So after a normal morning of drills and what not, and dealing with the mess that Hartmann always seems to be a part of, Strike Witches hits the noon hour and everyone heads into the bath. Which has a great view with the ocean around it, though it's hard to see at times with all the fog and streaks of sunlight that blots out things. And what bath scene isn't complete withought slow motion dressing sequences afterwards. What makes it even more amusing is that the threat of this particular episode is a fly-sized Neuroi that's floating through the building and affecting the power. It ends up landing in one of the girls panties, which she doesn't notice until she pulls them up. And gets all awkwardly excited. Of course, it can't end there as the curious little Neuroi bug must investigate everyone as it slips into them even after they're wearing them. Clothes on, clothes off. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 6 - Review: "Episode 6"

Strike Witches expanded its universe a bit this season with the introduction of the jet oriented Strike units which are a bit more than the Witches can handle at this point. Sakamoto and her team make a disturbing discovery in this episode about a Neuroi that's essentially like a giant space elevator almost in that it's a thirty-thousand meter pole that's traveling over the countryside at ten kilometers an hour towards its target. With the existing Strike units topping out at ten thousand meters and the core being at the top of this beast, they have to go for some radical approaches, namely using the rocket boosters that will get them up high enough to deal with the Neuroi threat. Though this is the primary focus of the episode, with the training that goes into effect and discussion about how to deal with it all from a combat perspective, there's also the expected round of character examination as well. This one goes to dealing with Eila a fair bit, as she's showing something of a superior attitude with the others because her trick is that she never uses her shields. With her quick speed and the slight precognitive abilities she has, she's able to see what's going to happen where around her before it does, so she can avoid it easily enough. Having never used her shields, she considers and says outright that anyone that does is inferior to her. Which makes for some ruffled feathers here and there and a sad Yoshika whose main ability is that she's really good at shields. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 5 - Review: "My Romania"

The mission to Romagna is set and the group put together is amusing to say the least with Lucchini, Miyafuji and Shirley heading out to deal with that area. And with Lucchini as a guide there. Lynne is set to go as well but she does her best to back out of it to stay at the base as the stand-by for the mission, which is as unusual as is the approval of such a request. With it being a procurement mission, you'd think everyone would be wanting to go since it means shopping and relative downtime from the usual chores around the base and any training. The request list gets interesting as it goes along, including picking up some sort of dress for Chris, but it's no surprise that a certain someone just wants a literal ton of sweets. Miyafuji has quite the trip right from the start as she's not seen much of the world since leaving her home country. While she's traveled a lot, the majority of it has been to bases, ships and combat missions in the air. Time spent actually going through a foreign city hasn't happened so she's treasuring the time to go through Rome and see all the ancient sights and local flavor. While this plays out, along with some amusing visions of a certain Witch in something frilly, Lucchini gets herself involved with a young woman named Maria who has an unseemly encounter in a nearby alley. That has Lucchini being her usual polite self after helping her out from the potential mafia men by inviting Maria along for the shopping time, especially since Maria isn't all that familiar with Rome even though she was born there. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 4 - Review: "Stiff, swift and staggering!"

The research and development department has come up with a new unit for the Witches to fly in and there's a whole lot of competition for getting into it. Shirley in particular really wants to give it a run, though she doesn't set herself up well for it by hanging around in the hanger wearing practically nothing and almost falling out of what little she has on as she jiggles. There's a sequence of pitch perfect fanservice here that really shines and shows off her assets. Unfortunately for those upset about this display, Shirley's not the only one going around in a minimal outfit because it's about a billion degrees in there. The Jet Striker brings in a fun new piece of technology and the competitions between the girls to try it out and showcase the differences in the unit compared to their normal unit is nicely done, though not without a bit of humor at times. The Jet Striker definitely changes how things are done with the speeds at which they can now travel, though you have to expect there's a little extra magic involved that keeps the girls from being blinded by the force of the wind, never mind the bugs that would get all up in their faces. Because of the energies involved though, the unit proves to be a bit too much for the Witches to handle since it can drain them faster and while speed helps at times, getting drained too quickly won't help in an actual battle. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 3 - Review: "What We Can Do Together"

Bringing the gang all back together in the last episode, everything has picked up where we left off for the most part. The events of the first series are touched upon lightly where Yoshika had her encounter with the humanoid Neuroi form and then contact was attempted through other means after the chaos that initially ensued, but everything went completely off the reservation at that point. The new Neuroi that we now see arrived and destroyed the humanoid Neuroi, ending any chance of communication in the short term at least. That has put all the cards back on the table to deal with the Neuroi threat and having the girls of the 501st back and now defending Romagna feels just about right. Except for the fact that most of them have been having things pretty easy for the last six months or so. The Witches have no stamina at this point and have lost a lot of their basic training as they've gone soft. Their flight abilities are acceptable, but they don't have the teamwork thing they built up before and there's even a sad image or two of them crashing into each other which makes you cringe. So a few of the girls, Yoshika included of course, are sent to get some special training from Anna Ferrara, an elderly woman who is a Witch herself and can still fly, though she uses brooms to do so. She's got a fun training style as she refuses to let them use their Striker units and instead insists they use brooms too, thereby reinforcing their skills within rather than through the use of technology. Read More Click Me!

Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 2 - Review: "Ep 2"

The second season of Strike Witches kicked off fairly well and decidedly reminiscent of the first season in that it was rather quiet and subdued. Most of the time was spent on having Yoshika and her friend talking about the future and then trying to get into contact with Mio to understand what's going on with the new apparent Neuroi threat. Unsurprisingly, the two end up getting back into the groove with each other and set out to Europe to see what they can do. Having a mystery letter from Yoshika's father only heightens the curiosity about it all and has her ready to head back to the front after so much quiet downtime and a return to normalcy. With the first episode being so quiet, the second one largely focuses on the action. Their trip with Hijikata is uneventful for awhile, but as they get closer to Romagna the naval fleet they caught up with finds themselves under attack from one of these new Neuroi. Interestingly, the fleet thinks they can take it down with their weapons and they have a pretty good array of them. With no Witches attached to the fleet, it's all they can do since they can't exactly get away either. With Mio and Yoshika watching, it's amusing that Mio has had Yoshika rub off on her and she ends up being the daring one by taking one of the Strike units even though she doesn't have the ability to create a shield anymore and head out into battle. Read More Click Me!