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Strike Witches - Season 2 - Episode 1 - Review: "Ep 1"

Strike Witches, along with Blassreiter, was one of my first forays into watching anime streamed legally for review purposes. I hadn't done any episode by episode reviews at that point and both series left me somewhat feeling like it wasn't going to work out in the long run. I liked Strike Witches in its first season from Gonzo well enough but I felt like they weren't capitalizing on something really good that they had in their hands and instead took the easy route. So a couple of years later, the show has ended up in AIC Spirit's hands with Kadokawa and we've got a second season of the show several months after the first season landed on DVD here in the US. After finding a bit more appreciation for that season in full form, I decided I'd try and do the episodic approach again with this new season. Strike Witches doesn't spend much time going over past history outside of a brief introduction at the start as it's more interested in getting going with the new story. With Yoshika having gone back home at the end of the previous season, she's now graduated middle school and is eager to start her training as a doctor since she wants to follow in the family tradition. She's still got her witches powers as we see her doing some helpful healing on a bear cub that got injured, but it's tinged with sadness after the graduation because she and Michiko are going to have to go their separate ways after being friends for so long. Each of them has a promising future ahead of them and Yoshika is intent on following through with her father's legacy of helping others. Read More Click Me!