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'Style by Jury' Season 1 finale contestant gets a makeunder

Sometimes there is nothing better than a makeunder.In an exclusive Zap2it sneak peek clip from "Style by Jury's" Season 1 finale, Marisa gets a makeup intervention from Preston Konrad, whose goal is to make her regimen easier.Marisa looks great and clearly knows what she is doing when it comes to makeup. Konrad is just concerned with the amount of time it takes out of the day to construct her elaborate look.RELATED: 'Style by Jury' give Lady Bret a 'Real Housewives' - meets - Barbie makeoverIn the clip see the moment Marisa reveals exactly how long it takes her to put on her makeup in the morning. A little hint -- it is longer than one hour. Now that's a commitment.Also in the episode, the "Style by Jury" team helps Marisa cover her large neck tattoo. Surprisingly, one of the solutions that does a great job concealing it is eye shadow base. It is the next... //