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'All on the Line' premiere: Struggling designers, ELLE's Joe Zee is here to help

After appearing on MTV's "The City" and The CW's "Stylista," ELLE magazine's creative director, Joe Zee, takes the lead on his own show on the Sundance Channel, "All on the Line." On the new series, Zee helps designers revamp their struggling businesses, redesign their line, and present it to major retailers. Zee tells us the series will show fans more of what his job entails compared to the other shows he's appeared in. "I think what they've previously seen was bite-sized pieces of what I do," Zee tells Zap2it. "In 'The City,' I'm sitting there moderating between two girls or on 'Stylista,' I'm sitting there judging people on pages, but this is now working with design. You get to hear me talk about my experience, my expertise, what I can bring to something... You can actually see how I can be an authority in that world. I'm here to help."In Tuesday's (March 29) premiere episode, he takes on... //

Stylista Clip

Check out this clip from Stylista. The show looks great. Stylista clip

Nina Garcia Gets Her Own Reality Show

Oh boy. If Project Runway and the upcoming Stylista weren't enough, Runway judge Nina Garcia is getting her very own fashion-themed reality show. Called "Running in Heels", the show will follow Garcia's career at Marie Claire (where she is now employed, after being aufed from Elle). An interesting tidbit: New CW show Stylista is following Anne Slowey - who just happens to be the person that received Garcia's old job at Elle . "Running in Heels" is set to debut in March. Source: TV Guide

Preview The CW's Stylista!

Stylista just may be the new Next Top Runway Project... or something of the sort. Coming from the creators of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model , starting October 22nd, the new fashion war begins! The new reality series will feature eleven aspiring "fashionistas" as they get weekly challenges in competition for a fashion dream job, a paid editorial position at Elle, plus an H&M year-long allowance, and a paid lease on a NYC apartment. Check out the previews for the new series: Stylista Preview Do you think this will be the next big fashion TV hit? Photo courtesy of

Stylista to Premiere a Week Early

If you're excited for The CW 's new partner-series to America's Next Top Model , Stylista , then you'll be thrilled to know that the network has moved up the premiere date by a week. Stylista will now premiere October 22nd. It was originally slated to premiere on the 29th. Until the 22nd, The CW will be airing 90210 repeats in the timeslot. Source: Variety

Stylista: Premiering October 2008

Premiering October 29, 2008. From the creators of Project Runway and America's Next Top Model comes the fashion world's newest reality television creation - Stylista. In the series, eleven aspiring fashionistas face weekly scrutinous challenges under the leadership of Elle's Fashion News Director Anne Slowey. A tough person to please, Slowey will inspect the contestants' performances after each challenge and with the help of her team ultimately choose a winner. Although the work throughout the competition is quite difficult, the winner will be rewarded for their hard work with a paid editorial position at Elle, a paid lease on a New York City apartment, and an allowance at H&M for one year - an overall package with a value of $100,000. Information from