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'Once Upon a Time,' 'Scandal' and more ABC season finale dates for 2013

ABC has announced season finale dates for most of its prime-time lineup, starting in late march ("The Neighbors") and rolling through the end of May. The Alphabet joins CBS, FOX and NBC in setting finale dates. Here is ABC's finale schedule:Wednesday, March 278:30 p.m. "The Neighbors"Wednesday, April 178 p.m. "Suburgatory" (one hour)Thursday, May 28 p.m. "Wife Swap"Sunday, May 510 p.m. "Red Widow"Tuesday, May 78 p.m. "Splash"Sunday, May 128 p.m. "Once Upon a Time"9 p.m. "Revenge" (two hours)Monday, May 1310 p.m. "Castle"Thursday, May 169 p.m. "Grey's Anatomy"10 p.m. "Scandal"Friday, May 179 p.m. "Shark Tank"Sunday, May 197 p.m. "America's Funniest Home Videos"Monday, May 208 p.m. "Dancing With the Stars" performance showTuesday, May 218 p.m. "Dancing With the Stars" results (two hours)Wednesday, May 228 p.m. "The Middle"9 p.m. "Modern Family"10 p.m. "Nashville"Tuesday, May 28, 201310 p.m. "Body of Proof"... //

Suburgatory 2.17 Sneak Peeks: Dallas Eat, Pray, Loves

Although one would expect cynical Suburgatory single dad George to have more problems adjusting to being in a relationship with Dallas, it turns out that the recent divorcee might not have been ready to give dating another shot so soon. While she and George have a connection through their struggles as being the sole parent to the children, she's had a hard time letting her insecurities and abandonment issues from her marriage go and embrace the chance to be happy. Thus far this season, she's been able to shrug off the difficulties that have come up between her and George, but when will they prove to be too much for her? READ MORE...

A Night Out With Suburgatory's Chris Parnell & Ana Gasteyer

What a pair of jokers! Chris Parnell and Ana Gasteyer cracked up audiences in the 1990s with memorable Saturday Night Live impressions like Tom Brokaw and Celine Dion. They now bring that same level of wackiness to ABC's Suburgatory as married suburbanites Fred and Sheila Shay. The duo took the stage at Los Angeles' premier improv school, the Groundlings, and reminisced about their comedy roots... //

'Suburgatory': Jeremy Sisto on Gift Mishaps, Posing Nude and a Possible End to a Romance

"Anyone can pull the plug at any time and it's off," he says of George and Dallas' relationship. "There's an underlying neuroses of that and I think Dallas is especially susceptible." //

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 16 “Eat, Pray, Eat”

Suburgatory "Eat, Pray, Eat" season 2 episode 16 airs Wednesday March 20 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Episode Synopsis: Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 16 "Eat, Pray, Eat" – to his ex, Alex, and she seeks solace in carbs and Jill Werner. Meanwhile, Tessa believes that she has lost her youthful vigor, and Noah makes a shocking discovery about his psychiatrist, Bob, on "Suburgatory," WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. READ MORE...

'Suburgatory' First Look: The Men Get Naked for a Chatswin Cause (Exclusive Photos)

THR debuts four images from the April 3 episode, which sees George (Jeremy Sisto), Fred (Chris Parnell) and Noah (Alan Tudyk) posing in their underwear. //

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 15 “How to Be a Baby”

Suburgatory "How to Be a Baby" season 2 episode 15 airs Wednesday March 6 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Episode Synopsis: Dalia takes Mr. Wolfe under her wing to help him get over his breakup with Chef Alan. She convinces him to try a new look and plots to help Mr. Wolfe get revenge for his broken heart. Meanwhile, Noah is convinced Carmen is the love of his life and George and Dallas find themselves caught in the crossfire, while Tessa interns for Jill, on "Suburgatory," WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. READ MORE...

Suburgatory's Carly Chaikin on Taking Dalia’s Crazy to New Heights, Her Throwdown with Tessa

She sings. She dances. She makes music videos. Suburgatory 's Dalia Royce may be Chatswin High's resident mean girl, but it's kind of hard to hate her. Whether she's challenging her neighbor Tessa ( Jane Levy ) to a dance-off or burning up YouTube with her Rebecca Black -like single, "You Missed a Spot," Carly Chaikin 's Dalia has quickly become a fan-favorite character on the ABC family comedy. Case in point: On last week's episode, Dalia delivered a completely off-key and slightly off-lyric rendition of "Send in the Clowns" at Marty's funeral. "I had an earpiece in... //

'Suburgatory': Does Parker Young's pilot mean Ryan Shay is leaving Chatswin?

One of "Suburgatory's" most beloved recurring characters may be leaving Chatswin: Parker Young (aka Ryan Shay) has signed on for an untitled comedy pilot at FOX.TVLine reports Young has booked a series regular role in a single-camera military-themed project from "Cougar Town" co-creator Kevin Biegel. Young would play one of three brothers who work together on a small army base in Florida, and the part is in "first position" to his gig with "Suburgatory." Geoff Stults ("The Finder") is also in the cast.It sounds like Young's role as "a gung ho soldier with a heart of gold who unfortunately has a habit of destroying really expensive military equipment" isn't that far off from Ryan Shay.Although Young has never been a full-time regular on ABC's "Suburgatory," his character has been very prominent in Season 2 in an ongoing storyline involving his relationship with Tessa Altman (leading lady Jane Levy). High school senior Shay is expected to... //

Suburgatory Season 2 Episode 14 “Leaving Chatswin”

Suburgatory  "Leaving Chatswin" season 2 episode 14 airs Wednesday Feb 27 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on ABC. Episode Synopsis:  When Marty passes away, George is deeply affected and Noah and George have to figure out what to do with his ashes. Meanwhile, Tessa learns that Ryan hasn’t been honest with her, and she has to examine the future of  their relationship, as well as her plans for college, on "Suburgatory," WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27 (9:31-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. READ MORE...