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Suburgatory 2.18 Sneak Peeks: The Chatswin Mom Militia is Back

While Jill was busy making up for lost time at The Ziti Zone last week on Suburgatory, Noah tried one last time to win Carmen over, only to find out that his psychiatrist was seeing the housekeeper without telling him. It was a heartbreaking blow to the dentist's ego and something that changed the way he thought his post-divorce life would go. Noah hadn't been happy with his marriage to Jill in many years and in Carmen, he saw someone who would help make his fresh start easier to deal with. So how will Noah handle parenting Opus without having someone by his side? READ MORE...

Suburgatory Sneak Peek: Holy Hoarding!

What would you do if you found out that someone you love is a hoarder? That's the problem Dallas Royce (Cheryl Hines) encounters with teen daughter Dalia (Carly Chaiken) on tonight's Suburgatory . In this exclusive clip from this week's episode of the ABC comedy, Dallas not only makes the horrific discovery... but comes face-to-face with her daughter to confront her on her issue, while also somehow bringing Christina Aguilera's weight into the conversation: //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/03/suburgatory-sneak-peek-holy-hoarding/