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Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #26 - Review

This is it. It's the big finale. The Einst Leader has possessed the White Star, and placed some sort of energy field over the Earth, the obvious intention being to destroy it. So, it is left to the remaining EFA forces, and, oddly, the sole survivor of the Shadow Mirror, Captain Axel, to fight the Einst. It must be time for everyone to pull out their super secret special premium weapons. We get all that, and I especially liked the armored knight on horseback combination of Sanger and Elzam, you can't top that for pure cheese value.   Of course, while they blast, cut, and bomb the Einst Leader affixed to the White Star until it seems to disappear, that was just the opening act. Next comes Beowulf, the overpowered Einst-infected version of Kyousuke Nanbu from the Shadow Mirror universe. Of course, as this is equivalent to the final boss battle, Beowulf and Kyousuke have some overly opaque expository dialogue, while we have lots of transformations and battles. In many ways, the final episode plays like a highlight reel for the entire series. Overly complex plot threads. Calling out special attacks. It sounds like they even made use of everyone special music tracks from the game. The end was never in doubt, and you can watch it for yourself.    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-26_article_129343.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #25 - Review

Something very strange is happening. As Mekibos flees back to the White Star, suddenly the outer shell explodes. At the same moment, Axel is ordered to return to base by Lemon, whose transmission is suddenly cut off. Kyousuke wants to stop him from escaping, but he too is ordered to pull back.   Indeed, something very strange is happening. As Shadow Mirror fight off the Einst inside the White Star, Wendolo suddenly appears, except that he is acting strangely. It would appear that Wendolo has been possessed by the Einst. Our heroes take this occasion to rearm and re-equip their units. Excellen can sense a powerful Einst presence inside. Mekibos finds Wendolo, and when he realizes that his younger brother has joined with the Einst, he tries to finish him off, but Wendolo is too powerful for him. After killing his brother, Wendolo decides that it's time to finish off "the other bloodline," probbaly a reference to Kyousuke.    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-25_article_129210.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #24 - Review

After a new opening song and credit sequence, we have...food aboard the Kurogane. It seems that some crew members have hidden talents. Elzam wants to be...a patissier? Who knew. Apparently Ibis has a sweet tooth, and Lamia is worried whenever Kusuha puts a drink before her. With good reason, as the last time she accepted a drink from Kusuha, her special energy cocktail, even Lamia's robotic systems experienced a temporary failure. Kusuha assures her it's just regular juice. Latooni gives Ryusei her own special cooking, which makes Mai suddenly jealous, while Seolla gives Arado an extra large portion, which opens the door to teasing about her body fat (what body fat?) and bear panties (of course, what would a comedic interlude be without bear panties?).    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-24_article_129098.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #23 - Review

We pick up the story on the Moon, where Shuu has disabled the Inspectors' robotic army single-handedly. It seemed too easy, but we will not know why at this point. Back on Earth, Sophia Nate has woken up and vows to rebuild Project Ark. The whereabouts of Egret Feff are unknown at this point. The last piece of scum to be cleared away, but not just yet.   Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-23_article_129036.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #22 - Review

Now with Archibald Grims out of the way, maybe we can start to see other villains turned into ashes or bloody pulps. But first, we need to have a flashback to The School, where we see the happy family dynamic between Big Sister Ouka and Latooni, Seolla, and Arado. Arado, in voiceover, notes that he remembers those days, and hopes that Ouka will remember too. In the present, Dr. Cero wants to save Ouka, but she fires upon him on the ledge. He is rescued by Arado, but the only way to save Ouka might be a terrible gamble: Cero has to be put into the cockpit of her machine, where he can attempt to restore her lost memories and release her from the GEIM System's control. Thanks to Shine's predictive abilities, and some teamwork between Latooni, Arado and Seolla, they manage to get close to Ouka and get Cero in. He has carried with him a complete backup of all of Ouka's data, which includes her memories. He now restores them to her. Setme can only watch in rage as Cero undoes Setme's plan to destroy the School siblings. Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-22_article_128842.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #21 - Review

First, a flashback. It's not really necessary from the point of view of the story, and it breaks up the action from the last episode, but I guess the producers felt that they needed to fill in the backstory of what a monumental piece of, ahem, excrement Archibald Grims is. So, we go back several years ago to the L4 Space Station where the fiend Grims has forced Elzam to kill his own wife, who was trapped in a docking bay with dangerous gas, in order to save the entire space colony from being destroyed. We come back to the present, where Elzam and his brother Raidese have a personal score to settle with Grims. It's time to put the dead to rest.   Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-21_article_128721.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #20 - Review

War is a time of death, but deaths lead to quick promotions. First Officer Tetsuya of the Hagane finds himself suddenly promoted to Captain of the Kurogane. But there's no time for congratulations. There is a war on. As the commanders consult, one thing seems clear: the Einst may be a much bigger threat than even the Inspectors, for their powers seem to be far greater. But what can they do? Capt. Lefina of the Hiryuu Kai suggests they proceed with the earlier idea of going to the Earth Cradle. At this point, Shuu Shirakawa, who had been attending the meeting, walks out, having felt that he's done his part, by delivering the Kurogane to them.    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-20_article_128583.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #19 - Review

As the unknown tentacle aliens attack Winnipeg, the Earth forces rally to its defense, since there are large numbers of civilians still trapped in the town. There seem to be limitless numbers of these aliens. And worse, they seem to be transforming the citizens with some sort of strange fog. Things only seem to be getting worse, when the Weisritter, though not the one we are familiar with, shows up. It threatens the Hiryuu Kai, but before it attacks, Kyousuke walks outside and looks at it. His appearance seems to make it pause, or rather make its pilot, Excellen, who is in some sort of trance, pause. At this point, Alfimi appears and babbles something about perfect beings and opening some gateway to the past.   Whatever this is, it isn't looking good at all. As noted earlier, all of the Psychodrivers have been sensing something REALLY wrong being present. They note the appearance of evil psychic energy, and try to counter it, but to no avail. That's when something really bad warps in, and starts talking to the Psychodrivers in their heads. This is really starting to look bad. Bullet and Kusuha are captured by the creature/mech, um, thingy. Just when things look their worst, with Bullet and Kusuha seemingly trapped and headed towards death, the Chokijin appear. They make an offer to help Bullet and Kusuha, as they state that it is their purpose to protect humanity. Thus, they make a pact with them, after which the Chokijin eat (yes, eat) the Type 3 and form a new being/mech, um, thingy: the RyuKohOh (which gets its own announcement title screen). And it gets better. It can transform into different versions of itself, going from Dragon (RyuKohOh) to Tiger (KohRyuOh). The unknown alien unit states that it is time to end their ancient struggle. The battle seems to end with the Dragon-Tiger-Bullet-Kusuha thingy defeating the powerful enemy, slicing it in half with a giant sword.    Read More.... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-19_article_128413.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #18 - Review

Far away in another realm, Alfimi has captured Excellen. There, Excellen asks her why the tentacled aliens appeared around Kyousuke, and she learns that they were indeed there to protect him. They do not want the flame of his life to flicker and die away. Excellen wants to know exactly what Alfimi has in mind, but she refuses to tell her, instead kissing her and calling upon her to now be a pure being. After the kiss, something strange happens to Excellen's Weissritter.   Back among the Inspectors and Shadow Mirror, Mekibos and Vindel discuss their alliance and what is to be done, now that these strange creatures, the ones tied to Alfimi, have also made their appearance, and appear to be hostile to their interests. It's a dangerous situation for both sides, as neither quite trust the other. On the EFA side, they are still licking their wounds, wounds that run deep. Kyousuke is alive, but seriously wounded. Captain Daitetsu is dead. Excellen is missing as far as they know. Things look very grim. And Lamia learns about sorrow. The Hagane's first officer, Tetsuya Onodera, confers with Capt. Lefina Enfield of the Hiryuu Kai, surveying the situation. It looks rather grim. But Lefina's first officer, Sean Webley, advises all of them not to sink into sadness. They must press on. A brief moment to honor the dead is all they can spare. But in a shock to the others, Kyousuke, who has been roused from his coma by what one could assume is the spirit of Beowulf that the Shadow Mirror people keep on talking about, suddenly appears at the memorial service to offer his own salute. He is wounded, but we know he will be back.    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-18_article_128239.html

Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector Episode #17 - Review

Mekibos, the lead Inspector at Langley, does not seem phased at all by the attack. Perhaps that's because he knows that he's not alone. As the Earth units close in on the base, another unit jumps in: the Shadow Mirror command ship the Ganland. Vindel Mauser then opens fire on the Hagane, scoring a direct hit. At this point, Mekibos makes his appearance and unleashes a devastating lightning weapon which appears to immobilize a large number of personal troopers. The Neo DC command ship is among the most severely damaged, with Colonel Van wounded. The betrayal of Vindel Mauser hits him hard, but Mauser, of course, is unrepentant. He doesn't care about the Earth being attacked, so long as his world of conflict without end can be achieved. And now he has Kyousuke in his sights again, as Mauser's single-minded fixation on "Beowulf" drives him to ignore all else.    Read More... //www.mania.com/super-robot-wars-og-inspector-episode-17_article_128048.html