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Episode Recap: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

This week on Supernatural, Sam and Dean tried to stop the raising of Samhain, a demon associated with the origins of Halloween. Yeah, Samhain's return is significant. Raising him breaks one of the 66 seals which means Lucifer is that much closer to walking the Earth. Meanwhile, Castiel is back and we're introduced to a new angel. Uriel's not as "touchy-feely" as Cas and is definitely opinionated when it comes to the Winchester brothers. read full recap from: TvGuide

season 4:ep#7 "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

The name says it all. This episode was more about faith than anything.The bible often refers to God testing the faith of his followers. In this episode the Angels passed-following God's orders even when they didn't seem to make sense and could open the very doors of Hell. Dean passed because he believed that the way doesn't justify the means and wouldn't allow Sam to use his demon powers even to please God with victory. Sam failed. In the end I think that God and Satan are just having one of their contests and it will come down to a test of which is more important to humans Power or Love.The chosen one for both sides of this game is Sam. Dean is God's weapon as Ruby was Satan's for influencing Sam to choose a side. My favorite scene was when Castiel chose to shake hands with Sam letting his heart rule over his head.

Supernatural 4.7: "It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester"

When I saw that this was a Halloween-themed episode, I was a bit concerned. As entertained as I am by hot young women in costume (a given when Dean is involved), "Supernatural" is far more than fan service. Thankfully, the Halloween aspect was held to butchering of the meaning of Samhain (and the pronunciation, for that matter), and the rest was all connected directly to the season arc. The witch Samhain was connected to one of the 66 seals holding back Lucifer, and this became the basis of a test for Dean Winchester. Apparently God believes that Dean is the right man to lead on the mounting apocalyptic battleground, and Castiel is apparently the one assigned to mold him into that form. In this instance, Castiel is accompanied by Uriel, who seems to have a real chip on his shoulder when it comes to humans. Uriel doesn't seem to see the inherent value of humanity, perhaps due to the human tendency not to follow the rules, even when it's clearly a good idea. Uriel lacks the compassion that Castiel possesses, and this presents an interesting set of possibilities. Is Castiel unusual for an angel, or is Uriel the one with the minority view? As powerful and close to God as they are, can it be assumed that the angels think and show allegiance monolithically? Nor can their nature be assumed as "traditional". After all, in the "Supernatural" world, demons are human souls that have been transformed and twisted by their tenure in hell. It certainly sounds like angels are something very different from humanity, just from this episode alone, but the relationship is not yet defined. Assumptions from various religious traditions may not apply. Going to the source material (the Bible, naturally) may not give us a better perspective, since there have been clear deviations from the text in terms of the series, but it's a roadmap of sorts. Angels in the Old Testament were aloof and more than a little ruthless. Then again, God is also more smite-happy in that era, so it makes sense. For all we know, Uriel could have been one of those involved in Sodom and Gamorrah's "cleansing". Angels in the New Testament, however, are generally more pleasant. That is, until one takes a peek at The Revelation of John of Patmos, in which case the angels are at war and they do not hold back at all. And for better or worse, that's the situation that is brewing; if Lucifer is released by Lilith, I imagine the end times come with the package. And it doesn't help that Sam is primed and ready to take the role of Antichrist Superstar in whatever gambit Azazel had in mind. Perhaps, for the past couple thousands of years, angels like Castiel were more prominent. This particular war might have forced the deployment of more hard-line angels like Uriel. If angels are dying left and right to stop the opening of the seals, as Castiel noted to Dean earlier in the season, then Uriel's attitude could make sense. From his point of view, humanity has been given plenty of chances, and it may not make sense to Uriel for his kind to die to save those too weak to save themselves. Could this be way Castiel is doubting right and wrong? Because that was the one point of the episode that didn't quite track. If Castiel was supposed to be more compassionate, perhaps he (and others in a similar function) are disillusioned by the sudden onset of war and death. Just as Dean balks at being asked to accept and even facilitate the deaths of thousands, perhaps Castiel questions the necessity as well. Because we don't know the full nature of angels on "Supernatural", it's hard to label it "blasphemy" when Castiel reveals doubt. From the brothers' point of view, the notion of destroying an entire town and accepting the deaths of thousands in return seemed to be evidence that God was out of line. There are two sides to that argument. On the one hand, it was a test: not just in terms of what Dean would do on the battlefield, but how he would react to the

Season 4 episode 7, Its the great pumpkin head, sam winchester (contains spoilers)

It was a great episode and i like the idea that Dean is Gods choosen warrior like Sam was lucifers. For the last two seasons its bin bout sam having deamon blood in him and how hes to be the great leader for hell at the side of yellow eyes. Deans just the by stander trying to protect his brother. The fact that Dean is infact Gods choosen is a work of genius on the behalf of the writers. I think its understandable that Dean was choosen as well. For what we've seen Dean has sacraficed everything for his family and obviously for others he sacrifices a chance at a normal life to protect others. He also willingly went to hell to protect Sam showing he will go to unusual lengths to protect sam. Naturally Dean is also the only one who can save sam from himself. If Sams loosing a part of himself every time he uses his abilities its natural that only dean has the potential for stoping sam as i think sam could never kill his own brother. That bond is too tight and would betray the very essance of the show. i also love the person acting out Castiel. The writers were fantastic showing the doubts and vunerable side to the angel and the relationship forming between him and dean is touching. The line where castiel was praying that Dean would choose to save the village was also touching as it showed that he understands and sees the goodness in Dean. But besides the obvious excellt script work i wanted to mention the fantastic special effects and the general location teams. The effects have improved so much since season 1 and i'm loving the new way they've come up with for sams special exersising deamon abilities. Its the subtel things like the mark that burns on the floor under the victims that helps to make this a visually exciting season as well. The whole supernatural team is just amazing :D Love this episode and Dean ;) season 4 is brillient :P

Aye Aye Captain Dean

First of all it's one hella of an episode, in this episode the winchester brothers are entrusted with the task of exorcising a witch who would raise samhain the patron of Halloween, upon who's arrival another seal shall be broken before Lucifer walks free. This episode is kinda different as it sets a tone for the things to come. Sam and Dean begin the investigation in their usual FBI manner to determine the death of a man who dies trying to eat a chocolate as he vomits blades from his mouth, later another girl is stuck in a small tub and is boiled to death while trying to pick an apple from that bucket. Later sam and dean follow the tracks of the witch to kill her and find out the witch is not a girl but a teacher. The angels are sent to test how strong of a person is dean, is he good enough to lead the war against the evil that shall be a scourge the face of humanity. It clearly shows how much of a determined person is a dean who shall not care for himself to protect the lives of the innocent. Dean is fearless when talking to the other angel Uriel, when he asks Uriel to burn down the village with him. Dean call the angels are like hammer no questions asked just do the job. Sam is very excited to meet them but after talking to them he can't figure out why would god send angels to burn a whole village just to kill one witch. Finally sam uses his abilities to kill samhain once he is brought back on the surface, while dean watches. In the end dean talks to Castiel about his actions as how he failed and he says given a chance to choose again he would do the same thing again and again and Uriel talk to sam asking him to ask dean what happened to dean back in hell. Overall it was a great episode and as always dean and sam rock when it comes to killing demons and sending their sorry a** back to hell.

A Sneak Peek of - It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester (3 Clips)

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