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'Supernatural': 15 Questions we'd ask if we were guaranteed an honest answer

On tonight's Oct. 29 episode of "Supernatural," called "You Can't Handle the Truth," the Goddess of Truth curses people with the ability to hear only the truth. Brutal honesty from their acquaintances drives people to suicide, but Dean (Jensen Ackles) uses the curse to try to get some answers from his brother, Sam (Jared Padalecki). Dean isn't the only one with a laundry list of questions. In sticking with the brutal honesty theme, we came up with a list of questions we'd ask show runner Sera Gamble if we could dose her with truth serum. (Don't worry, Sera... we haven't actually figured out how to get our hands on any, yet, so you don't need to worry about being accosted. Yes.) To Read More Click Here.

Sneak Peek – Supernatural 6.06 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

Despite the apparent serious nature of the October 29 new episode of Supernatural (as evidence in the promo and a sneak peek we previously posted), it looks like we’ll be getting some humor, as you can see in the sneak peek from Canada’s Space Channel below.  Oh, Bobby, can you ever fail to make us laugh?  Likely not.  Although, truth be told, I always suspected there was more to Bobby than meets the eye.  After all, a guy who spends that much time at home has to have some extra-curricular activities.  And you just know they went beyond what we saw in "Weekend at Bobby’s".  Of course Bobby watches horrible reality shows and gets pedicures.  Only Jim Beaver could sell it like that. To Read More  Click Here.

Sneak Peek – Supernatural 6.06 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

If you watched last week’s episode of Supernatural, then you know something is seriously wrong with Sam.  On the October 29 new episode, we are hopefully going to get closer to understanding what’s going on with Sam.  Dean, no longer a vampire and deeply suspicious of his brother, seeks help from both Bobby and Cas to discover what’s going on.  When people are cursed with having to tell the truth, he also demands answers from Sam himself. The CW has released a sneak peek.  It looks like Dean is back to dealing with stress with his old proven methods – drinking excessively, making threats and being broody. To Read More Click Here.

Promo – Supernatural 6.06 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

The situation between the brothers come to what looks like a violent head in the October 29 new episode of Supernatural.  In the October 29 episode Dean reveals to Bobby that Sam allowed him to be turned into a vampire and then confronts his brother when the brothers stumble upon a truth curse.  Sam may not respond, or he may not give Dean answers that he likes – but either way, there’s a Winchester boxing match coming our way. To Read More Click Here.

Photos – Supernatural 6.06 “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

So you know all of that recent bonding over shape-shifting babies, motels, helping Bobby, traveling internationally and fighting vampires that Sam and Dean have been doing lately (or will be doing shortly)?  It looks like that’s not going to make a hell of a difference come October 29.  Sam and Dean will be facing off once again when Dean tells Sam the truth about how he feels about his return and his recent behavior.  Then Dean gets threatening by holding a knife to Sam. To Read More  Click Here.