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TV review: Dad's in charge in the funny, smart 'Surviving Jack'

TV review: Justin Halpern ('$#*! My Dad Says') tries again with 'Surviving Jack.' It's the season's best new comedy, thanks to Christopher Meloni, who shines as a witty, wise stay-at-home dad. There is something both touching and irritating about Justin Halpern's dogged determination to build a career out of his father's matter-of-fact insights and profane lyricism.   Read More... //,0,3536695.story

TV Review: Surviving Jack

Reviewed by Jeff Jensen | B+....   Read More... //,,20798371,00.html

Television Review: ‘Surviving Jack,’ With Christopher Meloni as a Crusty Dad

Christopher Meloni is TV’s latest old-fashioned, non-nurturing father of a child’s memories, on Fox’s “Surviving Jack.” Read More... //


If you take a quick scan of this past year's TV comedy landscape, narrated coming-of-age comedies seemed to be all the rage. And as ABC's The Goldbergs and NBC's Growing Up Fisher taught us, an eccentric dad is a must. Well, now it's time for FOX to get in on the unorthodox dad game with Surviving Jack, starring Law & Order: SVU's Christopher Meloni as the titular pop. From the life of a man who's made a modern career on his own dad's absurd gruffness, Justin Halpern ($#*! My Dad Says, both the blog and TV series incarnations), comes the story of Jack - a crudely dismissive father who begins spending more time with his two teens after the mom of the house (Rachael Harris) begins law school. There's no mention of how Jack's been able to survive as part of the family for the entire time leading up to the start of this story (we assume he wasn't around much, but there's no denying he's aways been a tough-love a-hole), but it's clear that his demeanor is only seen as a problem/source-of-comedy now that he's the one driving the kids to school.  Read More... //