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CBS puts 'Wolf Lake,' 'Jericho' and 'Swingtown' online

As part of its Second Look feature, CBS is putting all of the episodes for "Jericho," "Swingtown" and "Wolf Lake" up on for the summer, allowing viewers to experience a trio of dramas they didn't necessarily flock to when they were actually airing. //

Michael Rady Is First to Move to New Melrose Place

It's pilot casting, Six Degrees of Separation-style. Michael Rady, who, like Grant Show, starred on CBS' short-lived Swingtown, is the first actor to call The CW 's new Melrose Place home. (For those young whippersnappers who need me to "connect the dots," Show starred on the original Melrose.) Rady, says the Hollywood Reporter, will play Jonah, an aspiring filmmaker who puts food on his and his live-in fiancee's table by videotaping the weddings and bar mitzvahs of Los Angeles' rich and fabulous. THR likens Jonah to "Billy/the Andrew Shue role." In addition to Swingtown, Rady has also enjoyed roles on TV's Greek and in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2. This all-but-greenlit-for-fall Melrose reboot is being penned by Smallville exec producers Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer. Inconvenient Truth Oscar-winner Davis Guggenheim will direct. Source here

Swingtown Officially Canceled - Featured

This shouldn't come as a surprise, but until today, CBS had never officially put sexy summer series Swingtown to rest. Says CBS Entertaiment President Nina Tassler, "We're not going back to Swingtown...right now." She also mentioned that they were proud of the show and glad they took the risk to air it. I ended up watching Swingtown all at once courtesy of a Bravo marathon and it wasn't half bad. Sorry to see it won't be coming back ("right now" - thanks for the false hope, Nina). Source: TV Guide

Swingtown Creator's New Bisexual Drama

Thank you! Finally it's noted that perhaps Swingtown should be on Showtime instead of CBS - but hang on folks, this is just an inkling of an idea for this freshman summer drama. What is more than an inkling of a Showtime drama is an all new show from the creator of Swingtown: Bicoastal . Ha. Love it already. This cleverly named and properly cable-placed drama will feature "a man who lives with a wife and children in L.A. and falls in love with a man in New York." But what about Swingtown ? Does it have a chance at a second season? Maybe. CBS is still out on that verdict, but it sounds like there may be a little chance of Swingtown landing on Showtime as well. Read more on Televisionista: "Swingtown" Creator's New Bisexual Drama

Interview with Swingtown's Grant Show

Grant Show, formerly of Melrose Place , but hoping to finally get identified for some of his newer work, talks to the NY Times about his role in Swingtown . Read some juicy tidbits about the costuming and being asked if he was a porn star here: Back to the '70s to Find Relief From the '90s

Trading Places: Flashpoint and Swingtown

Beginning on July 24th, CBS programs Flashpoint and Swingtown will be switching timeslots. This places Flashpoint Thursdays at 10PM and Swingtown in the Friday at 10PM Death-Slot. Source: TV Guide Launches New HD Video Player!

CBS has launched an all new high-definition video player that is proving to be a fantastic way to watch your CBS favorites! CBS's HD video player is a great user-friendly experience where you can just browse or search for what you'd like to watch, then click "Play." Check out the CBS HD website for more information and to start using the player: CBS HD Gallery Now available in HD: * How I Met Your Mother * The Big Bang Theory * CSI * CSI: Miami * CSI: NY * Flashpoint * NCIS * Numb3rs * Rules of Engagement * Swingtown * The Unit *Late Show with David Letterman *Star Trek Remastered

Which TV Show Boasts the Best Style?

As previously posted , Swingtown has swung into town bringing some notable '70s fashion to our tube-time! But Swingtown is far from the first show to show off some impressive fashion, either period-centric or just plain generally fashion-tastic! A few we can throw out there as some fashion favs include: Sex and the City Mad Men Swingtown Gossip Girl Ugly Betty Lipstick Jungle Dirt The O.C. Which of these shows do you think is the most fashion-tastic or what would you add to the list? Photo courtesy of

Swingtown: A '70s Fashion Affair

Swingtown has created plenty of buzz around the spouse-swapping swinging theme, but there's also been just as much buzz around the show's '70s style fashion! Check out what Swingtown's costume designer, Jill Ohanneson, has to say in her chat with EW. 'Swingtown': A '70s Fashion Affair Photo courtesy of

Swingtown's Solid Launch

CBS's new swingers drama, Swingtown , did well for its premiere with 8.58 million viewers, according to Televisionista. If you tuned in, do you think this positive response will continue post-pilot for Swingtown? TV Ratings: Swingtown's Solid Launch Photo courtesy of