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Sword Art Online Episode #01 Anime Review

According to the ponderous text in the beginning, in 2022, humanity has finally created a complete virtual environment. This is the lead up to a line of gamers lining up to get their copy of "Sword Art Online," the hot new product for the NerveGear virtual reality system, created by Akihiko Kabaya. (Oh, yeah, this is aimed at  otaku;  I feel like I’m watching part of  Genshiken ). We continue with a boy sitting in his room listening to a stream-cast of the publicity hype surrounding the game’s sales on the launch date. He doesn’t seem to be that interested, and we learn why shortly thereafter, when he logs himself into the SAO system. Perhaps he was one of the beta testers they mentioned before, so the official launch does not really concern him that much. When he’s in the virtual world, however, he does seem fired up to be there. So, here ends the nature documentary focused on hardcore gamers. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2012/07/07/sword-art-online-episode-01-anime-review/