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Season 1


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  • 30 episodes
    30 episodes
    • s1e30Episode 130:Marcus and China, Beau and Krystal
    • s1e29Episode 129:Eric and Kim, Gina and Jeremy
    • s1e28Episode 128:Lynette and Mike, Nathan and Gladys
    • s1e27Episode 127:John and Ashley, Troy and Sarah
    • s1e26Episode 126:Marissa and Lisa, Shannon and Joey
    • s1e25Episode 125:Dave and Elizabeth, Isaac and Margaret
    • s1e24Episode 124:Elizabeth and Dave, Margaret and Isaac
    • s1e23Episode 123:Michelle and Chris, Jessica and Anthony
    • s1e22Episode 122:Kelly and Kristian, Michelle and Jeff
    • s1e21Episode 121:David and Chailuck, Adyr and Patrick
    • s1e20Episode 120:Jenn and Mo, Courtney and Chris
    • s1e19Episode 119:Blair and Sean, Carrie and Dan
    • s1e18Episode 118:Michelle and Josh, Tyler and Ophelia
    • s1e17Episode 117:Burgundy and Ran, Sam and Brittany
    • s1e16Episode 116:Anthony and Carlos, Zack and Emily
    • s1e15Episode 115:Amber and Ryan, David and Corina
    • s1e14Episode 114:James and Cara, Will and Christine
    • s1e13Episode 113:Sonia and Dennis, Rob and Caitlin
    • s1e12Episode 112:Sarah and Casey, Ricarda and Chris
    • s1e11Episode 111:Darcy and Trent, Sean and Carly
    • s1e10Episode 110:Shantell and Ryan, Liorah and Christian
    • s1e9Episode 109:Zach and Tabitha, Tanya and Brad
    • s1e8Episode 108:Mike and Mary, Justin and Dehne
    • s1e7Episode 107:Angela and Zach, Tasha and Rick
    • s1e6Episode 106:Senta and Brian, Paul and Ricci
    • s1e5Episode 105:Jon and Amber, Sedric and Adriana
      May 4, 2002
    • s1e4Episode 104:Genn and Dean, Michelle and Matt
    • s1e3Episode 103:Kari and Jimmy, Craig and Ashlee
    • s1e2Episode 102:Jason and Sasha, Tom and Pamela
    • s1e1Episode 101:Texas and Anna, Chad & Erin
      April 6, 2002