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'Take It All's' Howie Mandel: 'Everything runs its course'

Zap2it: As your week-long game show "Take It All" wraps up, do you find its limited run has been a big part of servicing such expensive winnings as a hovercraft?Howie Mandel: The issue was that we wanted to give away big prizes and tons of money. They're giving it a push, in the hope that if this event works -- and I believe it will -- this is just the beginning.We're keeping our fingers crossed in the same way as our "Deal or No Deal" experience, and everybody who was on that show is back. I'm partners with all the same people on this, like the other executive producers, our casting people and our set designers. It's the same team, and we feel like we have found the next new-and-improved game.Zap2it: Do you have concerns about the game possibly losing some of its luster if it should return on a regular basis?Howie Mandel: I don't... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2012/12/take-it-alls-howie-mandel-everything-runs-its-course.html