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60 minutes

Kyle and Budgie, two twenty-something friends from London, set off to travel the world. Ahead of the journey, Kyle gets a Maori-style tattoo to celebrate their eventual destination: the Cook Islands. When snorkeling in a lagoon, Kyle finds the dead body of a local girl, Aumea, tied up underwater. Returning to the lagoon with the police, Kyle finds her corpse has disappeared. But Kyle knows what he saw. Desperate to uncover what happened, Kyle and Budgie find themselves sucked deeper and deeper into a world of Maori myths, symbols, and hallucinatory visions… until finally the full meaning of Kyle’s tattoo is revealed.
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Jan 29, 2017 1:57AM EST

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Contrary to the other Posters, I think this is a Great Supernatural Mystery. I think that the Acting is Good for a BBC Production, the Locale is Super (The Cook Islands), The Story-line is quite interesting. I wish they had given us a better background on Kyle, but with the premise of this Show, he still delivers a Sound Character. Looking forward to Episode 7 & 8 (Finale)


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