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Teen Mom 2 Dad Javi Marroquin Confirms Hes Single Again, Is Trying to Win Back His Ex

Javi Marroquin’s recent attempts at love haven’t gone too great for him. He tried (and failed) to get cast on MTV dating show Are You The One?, had a few short-lived flings since being home from deployment, and of course, just couldn’t make things work with wife Kailyn Lowry.   ...Read More... //

Leah Messer Gets Ready to Date Again After Divorce in Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek

Teen Mom 2   fans have been dying for  Leah Messer  to get back out there — and now’s the time, ladies and gents. In a sneak peek for the September 18 episode of the MTV show, the mom of three is ready to start dating again two years after her divorce from  Jeremy Calvert .     ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2s Feud Between Jenelle Evans and Javi Marroquin Is Just Getting Started

It’s one thing for the   Teen Mom 2  moms to feud with each other, but when a dad gets involved, things take a weird turn. We’re obviously talking about  Jenelle Evans  and  Javi Marroquin,  who have had a tense relationship since March, when they accused each other on Twitter of  leaking Kailyn Lowry’s pregnancy news to the public .   ...Read More... //

Briana DeJesus Drops More Truth Bombs About Her Disastrous Teen Mom 2 Baby Shower

A baby shower is supposed to be a joyous celebration of a new life — but apparently  Teen Mom 2  didn’t get the memo. We watched  Briana DeJesus ’s  disastrous shower  play out on this week’s  Season 8 episode , where she and her unborn baby’s father get angry at each other for a myriad of reasons.   ...Read More... //

Everything We Know About Jenelle Evanss Custody Battle with Nathan Griffith & His Mom (PHOTOS)

  As is the case with most  Teen Mom 2  custody battles, things are getting  seriously  fired up between  Jenelle Evans  and  Nathan Griffith  and his mom, Doris Davidson. Allegations have been spreading left and right since we first learned the mom of three allegedly  ingested weed while pregnant , leading Doris to file for emergency custody of Jenelle’s second son, Kaiser.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2s Kailyn Lowry Details Baby Los Graphic Birth Story and Were Scarred for Life

We still don’t have a name, but we do have the deets on Baby Lo’s birth! While  Kailyn Lowry  and  ex Chris Lopez  are still  deciding on the perfect moniker  for their son, the  Teen Mom 2  star has taken to her official blog to share with fans something a whole lot more personal — the story of how the little guy entered this world.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2s Kailyn Lowry Shares First Photo of Baby Lo And His Dad, Chris Lopez

Chris Lopez recently tweeted that he sees his  “little man”  almost daily, and now we know he isn’t lying! Kailyn Lowry  of  Teen Mom 2  has shared the first official photo of her baby daddy ex with their son,  still unnamed and referred to as “Baby Lo,  and it’s clear there’s a special bond between these two.   ...Read More... //

Briana Storms Out of Baby Shower Over Ex-Boyfriend Drama in Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek

Though  Briana DeJesus ’s baby shower looked blissful in the  photos we saw from the May soiree , it certainly was anything but behind-the-scenes. In a  sneak peek  of next week’s  Teen Mom 2 , Bri gets upset at baby daddy Luis when he founds out her (other) ex-boyfriend showed up to the party — and the gal of the hour storms out in a huff!     ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2s Kailyn, Javi, Jo and Vee Are All Friends Again and We Are Here for It

Kailyn Lowry ’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend  Jo Rivera ’s fiancé Vee Torres has been hot and cold over the years — Kail went from despising the new woman in her son’s life to confiding in her when she was going through a divorce. Now, the blended  Teen Mom 2  family seems to be back on good terms — and they’re even bonding over the pretty gross trials and tribulations of parenting.     ...Read More... //

Jenelle Evans Investigated by CPS After Ensley Tested Positive for Marijuana at Birth Report

Jenelle Evans  told  Wetpaint  all about her scary birth experience with Ensley and how the electricity went out in the middle of labor — but it turns out she left out some  very important details. New reports, some of which have been confirmed, insist the  Teen Mom 2  star was investigated by CPS shortly after her  daughter’s birth in January  when the baby tested positive for marijuana.   ...Read More... //