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Jenelle Evans Spills on Wedding Planning, Terrifying Moment While in Labor with Ensley Exclusive (VIDEO)

Were less than two months away from Jenelle Evans and David Easons wedding, so the planning is officially on. And when Jenelle stopped by Wetpaint to chat about her new book, Read Between the Lines, she also spilled on how the details are coming together, clarified who did and didnt make the super exclusive guest list, and revealed if well see the September 23 soiree on an upcoming season of Teen Mom 2. I havent invited any of my side of my family, I didnt invite the co-stars either, she told us. I have more friends that treat me like family than my family does.   ...Read More... //

Barbara and Jenelle Evans Throw Jace Separate Birthday Parties Amid Teen Mom 2 Feud

You know things are bad when not even a good ol’ kid’s birthday party can bring a family together. Things have gone from bad to worse between Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans and her mom, Barbara Evans.  ...Read More... //

Kailyn Lowry Succumbs to Addressing Her Pregnancy On-Camera in Teen Mom 2 Sneak Peek

Now that Kailyn Lowry’s big pregnancy secret has been spilled, the unavoidable is happening — she has no choice but to discuss it on camera. And in a sneak peek of next week’s Teen Mom 2, she explains to ex Jo Rivera, Isaac’s dad, why she’s decided to talk about it rather than keep it hidden for as long as possible.   ...Read More... //

Barbara Evans Reacts to Being Snubbed from Jenelles Wedding: Its Very Painful

Jenelle Evans is almost done wedding planning. All she really has to do yet is send out the invites — but Barbara Evans definitely shouldn’t be waiting by the mailbox. The Teen Mom 2 star revealed months ago that she wasn’t sure if her mom would be invited to her fall 2017 nuptials and now, with the date just two months away, she’s confirmed her mom didn’t make the cut.   ...Read More... //

All the Teen Mom Siblings, Ranked from Most to Least Involved (PHOTOS)

We know all of the Teen Moms’ kids and most of their parents by this point, but what about their brothers and sisters? We’ve met a few of the cast’s siblings on TMOG and TM2, but some of them have no desire to be filmed — or be in their reality star sisters’ lives, for that matter.  ...Read More... //

Will Single Mom Kailyn Lowrys Estranged Parents Help Out With Baby No. 3?

We know Kailyn Lowry’s baby’s father won’t really be in the picture much as she raises their child — but can the same be said for her father? The Teen Mom 2 star has a mostly estranged relationship with her parents, which we’ve seen bits and pieces of over the years on the show.    ...Read More... //

Jenelle Evans Suffered a Miscarriage When Ex-Husband Courtland Rogers Physically Abused Her

Jenelle Evans has been pregnant lots of times, but turns out there was one secret pregnancy that went unbeknownst to fans. In the Teen Mom 2 star’s new book, Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom, she details a gruesome physical altercation with her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers, that resulted in her miscarrying their child.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2s Leah Messer Under Fire for Saying Husband Should Come Before Kids

Apparently, the girls of Teen Mom 2 aren’t allowed to share their opinions. Leah Messer, for one, is facing lots of backlash for some comments she made regarding marriage, and is being attacked on Instagram for sharing her thoughts. Just another day in the life of a reality star, amirite?  ...Read More... //

Nathan Griffith Tells Jenelle Evans to Stop Lying After Mediating in Court on Teen Mom 2

  Sunglasses gate continues! Yesterday, Nathan Griffith and his girlfriend, Ashley, called out David Eason for wearing sunglasses indoors during a restaurant scene on Teen Mom 2, implying he's hiding something under there. Now, Jenelle is defending her man — while throwing some shade at Ashley —and explaining his bizarre choice in accessories. ...Read More... //

Jenelle Evans Spills on Eye-Opening Book, Which Teen Mom 2 Eps Make Her Cry Exclusive (VIDEO)

It was over two years ago that Jenelle Evans first revealed to Wetpaint that she’d be writing a book, and here we are in 2017, and it’s finally getting released! So naturally, the Teen Mom 2 star returned to our NYC offices to chat about Read Between the Lines, her new memoir that, unlike her co-stars’ literary works, features actual diary entries from her childhood. Speaking of her childhood, the 25-year-old reveals if she’s heard from her dad since she wrote about him in the book — “I haven’t talked to him since I was 12,” she admits — and says she’s estranged from her siblings, Ashleigh and Colin, too.   ...Read More... //