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Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Finale Recap: Two Weddings and a Baby

Season 8 of  Teen Mom 2  wraps up in the best way possible — we watch both Chelsea Houska and Jenelle Evans get married, and Kailyn Lowry become a mom of three boys! But it's not an episode of  TM2  without a little drama, and we have Barbara Evans  and Briana DeJesus's baby daddy, Devoin Austin, to thank for making the season's final hour pretty memorable.   ...Read More...

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Jenelle Evans Freaks Out Hours Before Her Wedding

We've seen a lot of  Jenelle Evans  freakouts over the years on  Teen Mom 2 ,  but this week's is different — it's just hours before her wedding to David Eason and she's crying that her groom isn't paying attention to her and demanding the crew to leave and stop filming. Yeesh! Meanwhile, things are better in wedding land for  Chelsea Houska , as she picks up her dress, but  Kailyn Lowry  is struggling, too, with the idea she might be having and raising her third child all by herself.   ...Read More...

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Barbara Says Jace Living With Jenelle Would Ruin His Life

The moms are  really  going to bat for their kids on  Teen Mom 2  this week, as  Leah Messer fights to get struggling daughter Ali more help at school and  Jenelle Evans  gets ready to finally face her mom, Barbara, in court, where she’ll find out whether or not she’ll regain primary custody of Jace. Then there’s a whole  separate  type of drama with  Briana DeJesus , whose baby daddy Luis shows up and disrespects her and her family at her  own baby shower !  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Leah Messer Contemplates Dropping Out of College

Whether it’s the overwhelming stress of college, a not-at-all helpful fiancé or a deadbeat baby daddy, the Teen Mom 2 moms are feeling it this week from all angles. Read on for the best quotes and pics from Season 8 Episode 6, where Jenelle Evans and David fight over going to the gym (really), Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry worry about their academic futures, and more.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2 Recap 8/7/17: Season 8 Episode 4

Jenelle was in a good place. She recently gave birth to her daughter and has been surprised when David proposed to her however it was long after Jenelle said "yes" that she started to think about her relationship with her mother. The two women have been in a love/hate relationship for years and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change anytime soon. But now was the time to able to call your mom and ask for advice about weddings dresses. So Jenelle had gotten upset because she knew that it wasn’t going to happen with her mother. But Briana for one was glad that she had her mother in her life. Roxanne had stepped up to help raise Briana’s daughter Nova when she realized that she couldn’t rely on her ex. So Roxanne has been someone that Briana couldn’t always rely on and she had needed her mother’s help once Nova began hating her hair. The little girl had wanted long and straight her like her doll’s though everyone from Briana to Roxanne and even Brittany had tried to tell Nova that she was beautiful just the way she was. Nova was after all trying to compare herself to her blonde blue-eyed doll and she wasn’t Caucasian. She was mixed because her mother was Spanish and her father was Black. But Nova was beginning to notice that she wasn’t like her mother and so Roxanne had pointed out that Devoin should really start playing a large role in Nova’s life. She believed that if Devoin was around more often that Nova would feel less different because she would then have someone that’s looks like her and who could talk to her about why she’s darker then her mommy. So Briana had said she would talk to her ex. READ MORE...

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Javi Gets Served, Adam Gets Drug Tested & More

The baby daddies are the blatant stars of this week’s Teen Mom 2, whether they’re getting served (Javi Marroquin), getting lectured (Devoin Austin) or getting high (Adam Lind). But what are the moms up to in Season 8, Episode 5? Click on for the best photos and quotes from our five fave mamas (and their exes) this week.   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2 Recap 7/31/17: Season 8 Episode 3 “Low Key”

Addie enjoyed spending time with her dad. She misses him when he’s away for work and so she doesn’t like leaving him once its time for the parents to make the tradeoff. However, Leah had to pick her because Jeremy would be working again and she didn’t like it when he put Addie on the phone just so the little girl could ask her mom if she could stay by her dad’s. They both know that’s not how their agreement works. So Addie was returned to her mother and the little girl had a bit of an attitude because she was refusing to sit down in her car seat until Leah threatened to take away the IPad. Addie was four after all so she soon forgot that she was mad and she started to focus on her birthday party. She was turning four-years-old and so she was super excited though she told her mom that she wanted her party at PawPaw’s house. So Leah tried to cheer her daughter up by telling her she would get two parties. Addie would have a party at her dad’s in the morning and then she would go have with her mom so she was very lucky meanwhile her mother was stressed. Leah knew that everything was going to rely on timing so she was hoping Jeremy would drop off Addie when he’s supposed to and that Addie would like the party that she threw for her. READ MORE...

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Kailyn Spills on Unplanned and Unprevented Pregnancy

  The babies, both newborn and still in utero, are getting a whole lot of attention this week on Teen Mom 2, as Briana DeJesus continues to grapple with whether or not she should place her daughter for adoption and Jenelle Evans gets ready to give birth. Chelsea Houska, meanwhile, deals with Aubree being a jealous big sister, while Kailyn Lowry gets candid AF with Isaac’s dad Jo about her “unplanned and unprevented” third pregnancy.  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 2 Recap 7/24/17: Season 8 Episode 2 “Down That Route”

Briana had found out that ugly truth. She had learned from Luis’s other girlfriend that he had been cheating on her for months and that he wasn’t only with Briana because of the baby. But Briana had thought that they were going to be a family and so she had needed to speak to her own mother about this new position she was in however her mother hadn’t taken the news wells. She thought that Briana was set and had been devastated to find out that her daughter was in the same position as before – a new baby and no father to rely on. So Briana’s mom was heart-broken. The older woman knew that she couldn’t be there for Briana like she was with her older granddaughter and so she worried about Briana doing things with little help from anyone else. However, Briana’s sister on the other hand was more concerned about what Briana would do about her relationship with Luis. The sister thought Briana should just break up with Luis because he clearly didn’t deserve her yet Briana wasn’t so sure about what she should do. She had thought that Luis was different and so she wasn’t sure about what she wants now. READ MORE...

Teen Mom 2 Recap: Briana Dumps Cheating Luis, Contemplates Adoption

  A cheating baby daddy, a post-breakup pregnancy shocker, and a temper tantrum — yup, sounds like a juicy episode of Teen Mom 2 to us! Read on for the best quotes and photos from Season 8 episode 2, where Briana DeJesus contemplates adoption, Jenelle Evans reaches a new custody arrangement with ex Nathan, and more.   ...Read More... //