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9 Must-See Pics from the Teen Mom Births: Kailyn, Maci, Jenelle & More (PHOTOS)

  Being on a reality show means sharing every little aspect of your life, no matter how personal — and for the  Teen Moms,  that includes having a baby. Though not all the  TMOG  and  TM2  births were caught on-camera, each of the new babies was somehow introduced to fans on the show, whether via professional camera crew, family footage, or even hospital still photos!   ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3 Feud Reignites: Mackenzie Proves She Wants Briana Off Teen Mom 2!

Mackenzie McKee is still not over being passed over for the Teen Mom 2 gig. After word spread that her former Teen Mom 3 co-star Briana DeJesus was being added as the fifth mom on the long-running MTV series, Mackenzie was salty AF, tweeting about how she should’ve been the one picked instead. And all these months later, she’s still feeling pretty bitter.    ....Read More... //

Teen Mom Pets: Meet The Casts Pups, Pigs, Chickens & More! (PHOTOS)

  The Teen Mom gals aren't regular moms — they're cool moms who want more than just boring cats and dogs as pets. Many of the MTV families have adopted some seriously unconventional animals in recent years, from pigs and horses to even chickens and goats! Click through the pics to see the TMOG and TM2 moms’ — and some dads’ — gaggle of weird (and not so weird) pets — and don’t be surprised if there’s a Teen Mom: Farm Animals one-off special in the near future. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3s Mackenzie McKee Adopts New Family Pet After Dead Puppy Scandal

Mackenzie McKee has adopted a new family pet — and the good news is it’s not dead this time. Months after the former Teen Mom 3 star caused a raucous by letting her son pose with and kiss a dead puppy, she’s adding to her family with a real live dog, and this one’s a cutie.  ...Read More... //

All the Teen Mom Exes Ranked from Worst to Best Co-Parents (PHOTOS)

  You know what sucks about getting pregnant as a teenager? Your high school boyfriend is in your life forever. Somehow, though, the moms of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 have learned to co-parent with their kids’ dads over the years...though some much better than others. Check out our ranking of the former TM couples based on their co-parenting abilities above and see just how far (or not) they’ve come.   ...Read More... //

All the Teen Mom Couples, Ranked from Least to Most Complicated (PHOTOS)

  What would Teen Mom be without a little relationship drama? Though there’s plenty of that to go around with the baby daddies, the gals of the long-running MTV series sometimes confuse us just as much with their current beaus. This on-again-off-again stuff gets old. But which couples in the franchise are the most complicated of the bunch? Scroll through for photos of all of the show’s twosomes, officially ranked from least complicated to OMG, WTF.  ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3s Mackenzie McKee Attempted Suicide After Birth of Her Third Child

Mackenzie McKee has been especially vocal lately, between speaking out about her thoughts on Briana DeJesus’s Teen Mom 2 casting and why no one should be cast in the new season of 16 & Pregnant. But now, the Teen Mom 3 alum is getting serious, revealing she attempted suicide after a bout of postpartum depression following the birth of her third child last year. In a candid new interview, the mom of three reveals she tried to drown herself in the bathtub and load up on pills. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3s Alex Sekella Reacts to Not Being Cast in Teen Mom 2

We’ve yet to hear directly from Briana DeJesus that she’s been cast in Teen Mom 2 Season 8, but her former co-stars have no problem talking about it. Bri’s fellow Teen Mom 3 star Alex Sekella has broken her silence on her old pal’s new gig, and reveals how she feels about not getting chosen for the show herself. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3s Mackenzie & Josh McKee Feud Online About Cheating Allegations

Airing out your dirty laundry in public is never a good idea...but we’re going to assume  Mackenzie McKee  didn’t get that memo. The  Teen Mom 3  star and her husband, Josh McKee, have been going back and forth on social media about allegations she cheated on him, and it’s getting seriously ugly. ...Read More... //

Teen Mom 3 Drama Alert: Cheating Accusations, Domestic Assault and More

Clearly the girls of  Teen Mom OG  and  Teen Mom 2  are known to bring the drama, but the cast of  Teen Mom 3  is certainly catching up. Today, we got wind of two huge bombshells about two of the cast members from the short-lived MTV reality series, one involving cheating allegations and another, sadly, coming forward about domestic abuse. ...Read More... //