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'Teen Mom' reunion, part 2: Did Ryan and Maci cheat...with each other?

Tonight (Sept. 11) was the original "Teen Mom" cast's very last reunion special, and they signed off with a bang. First there was Maci's bombshell that her angelic boyfriend, Kyle, cheated on her . Kyle! But was he the only one? More on that shortly. First, Maci told Dr. Drew Pinsky that she'd left Kyle after discovering flirty Facebook exchanges between Kyle and three (3) other girls on her computer. "I didn't give him a chance to explain," Maci said sadly. "There was no reason to have a conversation. I just packed my stuff and left." The most heartbreaking aspect of this whole dirty business is that Kyle and Maci's son, Bentley, haven't seen each other since she walked out. And Bentley, who dotes on Kyle, hasn't even asked about him. Ouch! Dr. Drew barely gave Kyle a chance to defend himself, much less follow up on Maci's hints that the two should at least... //

'Teen Mom' reunion recap: Catelynn's wedding, Maci's breakup, Farrah's ugly cry and Amber's MIA

"Teen Mom" star Maci Bookout dropped a major bombshell at the end of tonight's (Sept. 4) reunion special. We have to wait until part two next week for more details on Kyle King's cheating and their breakup -- tonight was devoted to Farrah Abraham and Catelynn Lowell. To start, though, host/psychoanalyst Dr. Drew Pinsky reads an RSVP from Amber Portwood, who regrets that she can't attend the shindig due to a "probation violation" -- aka a five-year prison sentence. A special guest is subbing for Amber next week, though: Jabba the Hutt! First up tonight are Catelynn and fiancé Tyler Baltierra, who announce that they have set a wedding date and plan to marry before they graduate college. So will the parents of the bride -- and groom -- be in attendance? Well, Butch is still in jail, but Tyler admits he never sent his emotional letter, cutting ties with his father. "I don't know,... //

"You’re a Slut Puppy" and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom's Series Finale!

The OG Teen Mom is officially dunzo, and our favorite ladies (and their babies) went out with a bang! Especially when it comes to the best quotes of the episode, which might just be the best of the season. Check out our roundup of doozies, courtesy of MTV's original mommy mafia. 10. Amber teases her boyfriend: "You said you never ate Italian." What kind of person doesn't eat Italian? Endless breadsticks.       9. Maci reminisces on Bentley's birth: "I carried him around... //

'Teen Mom' mug shots: See Amber Portwood, Jenelle Evans and their reality costars pose for police

Whether it's babies, ratings or squad cars with sirens, "Teen Mom" always delivers. Tonight (Aug. 28) is the original cast's series finale, in which we bid farewell to Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood. It's a bittersweet ending, especially since the series concludes just weeks before Amber heads to the Big House to serve a five-year prison sentence. MTV's cameras documented Amber's legal troubles from the beginning, with her infamous beatdown of baby daddy Gary Shirley. Police even referred to the film footage in charging her with felony domestic battery and child neglect. "Teen Mom 2's" Jenelle Evans has the longest booking sheet with half a dozen arrests. Although the assault and drug charges from her most recent bust -- with ex-boyfriend Gary Head -- were dropped Aug. 27, it seems only a matter of time before she's in handcuffs again. Arrests of the original "Teen Mom" cast include Amber and baby... //

'Teen Mom' series finale recap: 'Wake Up'

Like an unplanned pregnancy, we knew what was coming -- and never expected it to hurt so much. In tonight's (Aug. 29) "Teen Mom" series finale, we bid farewell to Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood. After four seasons of mama drama -- plus their original "16 and Pregnant" episodes -- "Teen Mom" ended with more of a whisper than a scream. The girls have grown up and moved on (or in Amber's case, just, um, moved) and it's time to let go. So what happened before the final video montage? Amber found herself a new "boy-toy"! Can you blame her? She's going to be surrounded by women (depending on her behavior) for the next three to five years. Plus, Mike -- who has obviously never watched a single episode of "Teen Mom" -- because Amber's a "sweetheart." Baby daddy Gary would beg to differ; in fact, he calls Amber a "whore"... //

Top 10 Biggest Fights From Teen Mom Season 4!

Put up your dukes, y'all! The final season of Teen Mom has been nonstop drama, nonstop tears (yes, we ugly-cry a lot), and nonstop catfights. We've rounded up the most nail-biting arguments of the season for you to look back on, so put on some boxing gloves, arm yourselves with some Slim Jim shivs, and enjoy! 1. Maci Kicks Kyle to the Curb For Calling Her an "Idiot," Our Hearts Break Remember when Maci and Kyle took Bentley to swimming lessons so he could mingle amongst the peasants?... //

"Smells Like Sausage And Biscuits" and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 11

Next week is the finale episode of Teen Mom...forever. Every single WTF word counts in these dark times (a million sobs!), so check out the 10 best quotes of Season 4, Episode 11! 10. Farrah mom talks her up: "Mama’s special and she deserves a special boy." "Special" being the operative word.   9. Amber decorates Leah's room: "How about pink and purple glitter." Stop the madness. The only acceptable option is Ugg-patterned wall paper.   8. Farrah goes to the playground:... //

"I'm Pretty Full With Cheese Right Now" and More WTF Quotes From Teen Mom Season 4, Episode 10

10. Farrah eats dinner with Daniel: "I'm pretty full with cheese right now. Might vomit on you." Pretty full with cheese right now accurately describes our entire existence. 9. Leah chats to her mom on the phone: "It’s my Leah." Awww, she's already talking in the third person! 8. Maci juggles Bentley's schedule: "Last year, I had him on his birthday day." This is...interesting. 7. Farrah makes out under some bats: "Oh my gosh, these bats are crazy!" They learned from the best. 6.... //

Farrah Wants to Get Married! Teen Mom Recap of Season 4, Episode 10: "Change of Plans"

Fact: There are only two more episodes left of Teen Mom. Fact: We are currently curled up in the fetal position crying. These last few episodes of our favorite show need to be celebrated in true Teen Mom style, so please arrange the following items on top of your body pillow: chicken Alfredo, motocross toys, discarded nose rings, ink (in case you're inspired to prison tattoo "Free Amber" across your stomach), and Uggs. Congrats, you're officially ready to embark into the great unknown. //

Farrah Introduces Daniel to Her Mom! Teen Mom Recap of Season 4, Episode 9: "By the Rules"

Fact: Teen Mom is the best thing that's happened to reality television since Kim Kardashian made a sex tape. Each week we end up ugly-crying, happy-crying, Cheeto-eating, and Slurpee-sipping, and we're currently rolled up in the fetal position clutching a Justin Bieber poster. (It's the closest thing to Tyler Baltierra that we have. Sigh!).  //