Teen Titans

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Teen Titans

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST
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6 Seasons, 66 Episodes
30 Minutes
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The Teen Titans are five heroes under one roof. Their names: Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy They live in a large tower in the shape of a T that they call Titan Tower. No secret identities. No school. Just superheroes being superheroes. They must go up against their arch nemesis, Slade, and his evil minions. What he really plans to do is unknown but one thing's for sure... he's an evil madman.



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Teen Titans S4E6
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A brave hero from outer space called Val-Yor comes to Earth, and asks for the Titans help in defeating an otherworldly menace known as The Locrix. But according to Val-Yor, Starfire may be the real problem...

Episode Reviews

by Shivoncarla

Nov 06, 2018


This show was one of the best, child-friendly horror shows. The unpredictability of the storylines, the young characters' frequent anti-social behavior, and the hazy line between fantasy and reality make this show iffy for kids. BUT, a good iffy.

by ginjar420

Oct 06, 2015

I love this show! I could watch it all the time! And it is on Netflix!

by Industrialcontortion

Apr 07, 2015

Based on the books, good kids show for those who don't spook easily.

by rachelwe

Nov 26, 2014

Great show, really enjoyed it

by Deana1988

Mar 03, 2017

I adored this show as a kid so now that my son is old enough I'm introducing him to the show too by rewatching each episode! I look forward to going down memory lane!