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'Teen Wolf' Sneak Peek Confirms Jackson and Ethan Are Dating

Colton Haynes' return as Jackson Whittemore to Teen Wolf has been widely anticipated, and the anticipation built when speculation began to swirl that in his time off the show, Jackson had gone through a bit of a personal transformation. It has been theorized since Teen Wolf 's SDCC 2017 trailer that Jackson might have come out as bi in his time off the show and might even be dating fellow werewolf Ethan Steiner. MTV has released a sneak peek of an upcoming episode that confirms things, once and for all.  ...Read More... //

Is Nolan Hiding a Big Secret on 'Teen Wolf'?

Halfway through the final season of Teen Wolf , the villains are making their presence known. The mysterious monster of the season might have been named recently but it's the human villains who have been hogging all the screen time. Chief among these threats has been Nolan, the deeply disturbed teenager who has exhibited an extreme hatred towards supernatural creatures of any kind. As much as Teen Wolf has established Nolan as unstable, they've also presented him as someone who could have a lot to hide. It's very likely that Teen Wolf is sitting on a big reveal with Nolan that many may not see coming.   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf's Ryan Kelley Talks 'Crazy' Final Episodes, Laments Parrish and Lydia's Unexplored 'Connection'

One of Sundays back-to-back episodes of Teen Wolf (MTV, 8/7c) reveals the name of the mysterious, corpse-looking Big Bad of the final season and its a mouthful. Fortunately, Ryan Kelley has a helpful alternative for fans. We just called him Pulpy on set, the actor tells TVLine. Hes just this gooey, slippery, nasty guy [] //

Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Says Scott and Stiles' Friendship Is All Grown Up: "They Really Miss Each Other"

We have a feeling there are just going to be onions all over the place for the rest of this final season of Teen Wolf. One of the best relationships the show has had over the past six...   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf Series Finale Date Set

Teen Wolfs final path is officially set and its a surprisingly winding road. MTV on Thursday released a complete schedule for the series remaining seven episodes, including two weeks of back-to-back runs. It all leads up to the grand finale, an extended episode airing Sunday, Sept. 24 at 8/7c. The full rollout plan is [] //

Teen Wolf Will End With a Long "Super Finale"

Teen Wolf is about to enter its final stretch of episodes, leading up to the Season 6 finale, which also happens to be the series' 100th episode and series finale. That's not the only exciting news though! Teen Wolf seems to be attempting to burn off its final episodes, which means we're getting a   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf: Top 11 Episodes EVER

We've been through a lot with Scott McCall and his pack over the past six seasons. We've watched Scott go from newbie werewolf to a badass true alpha. Lydia went from playing it dumb to owning her intelligence and her badass banshee skills. People in the pack have come and gone, but somehow Beacon Hills has continued to be a magnet for all sorts of supernatural chaos. In order to celebrate six seasons of Teen Wolf, we've picked our top eleven episodes. Check out our picks, listed in chronological order, and be sure to leave your picks in the comments below!   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey Says Directing His First Episode Gave Him What He Was Missing from Acting

"Oh cool. Wow. That's so cool! Oh my god, that's so sweet! No way holy s--t! That's so cool." That's how Tyler Posey might react if you tell him you watched this...   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf Boss Talks Scott and Malia's 'Unexpected' Pairing: 'I Was Hesitant'

After Sundays Teen Wolf, theres no point denying it anymore: Scalia is happening. Even if we hadnt already seen footage of Tyler Posey and Shelley Hennigs characters sharing a shower in the trailer for Season 6B, it was impossible to overlook the brief spark they ignited towards the end of Sundays episode, laying the groundwork [] //

Tyler Posey Teases a Crazy Ending in His 'Teen Wolf' Directorial Debut

Playing Scott McCall for six season of Teen Wolf wasn't always easy, but now Tyler Posey is taking on perhaps his biggest challenge yet: directing. Posey will be directing episode 13 of season 6, titled "After Images," and like most episodes of Teen Wolf , the ending is going to leave fans in shock.  ...Read More... //