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Tyler Posey Opens Up About Directing His First Episode of Teen Wolf

Tyler Posey has led the cast of Teen Wolf for six seasons now, but Sunday night is the premiere of his first adventure behind the camera on the show. We got a chance to talk to the actor earlier this summer at San Diego Comic Con about what the experience was like to take the helm on the show that   ...Read More... //

Is 'Teen Wolf' Spending Too Much Time on Liam's Emotional Stability?

Teen Wolf is reaching its end and the MTV show is looping back on itself. Scott preparing for his final fight isn't all that different from him facing his first real challenge. Scott started off being hunted by hunters and now he is ending his story the same way. Rather than feel repetitive though, this symmetry has given the series a satisfying full circle feel. There is one old storyline that is being revisited that is far from a welcome blast to the past. Nearly everything going on with Liam and his emotional turmoil has been an example of Teen Wolf 's nostalgia going awry.   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf Boss Previews Theo's Return, Reveals the Scene's Surprising Origins

Cody Christians character makes his highly anticipated return to Teen Wolf on Sunday (MTV, 8/7c) in a dramatic montage that, believe it or not, almost didnt happen. The episode originally came up short, showrunner Jeff Davis admits to TVLine. One of the editors told me we were short, and Im like, Well, we have to [] //

What We Learned About the Continuing Future of 'Teen Wolf'

Teen Wolf is ending soon ... or is it? It turns out the popular supernatural MTV show about a werewolf and his friends might just have a second life. It sounds like a supernatural twist right out of the show itself.  ...Read More... //

'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Will Scott and Malia End up Together?

Over the course of Teen Wolf 's six seasons, Tyler Posey's Scott McCall has had a pretty bad track record in the romance department. His first love Allison died in his arms, and his next love Kira had to leave Beacon Hills. So will Scott end up alone when the curtain falls on Teen Wolf , or will he end up with a surprising new romance?   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf: The FBI Has [Spoiler] in Their Sights

  Teen Wolf is back and hunting down its own. Sunday's premiere of the final season ended with Stiles ( Dylan O'Brien ) settling into his FBI internship only to find out that Derek Hale ( Tyler Hoechlin ) is No. 1 on their wanted list for mass murder. Yes, that Derek Hale. The alpha who mentored Scott (   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf Premiere: Bugs, Rats, and More Stiles Than We Dared to Dream (Plus, Scoop!)

STILES. AT. THE FBI. We repeat: STILES AT THE FBI! Like many fans, we went into tonight's final season premiere of Teen Wolf not expecting much more than a glimpse from...   ...Read More... //

Jackson's Return Means Some Awkward Moments for Stiles and Lydia in 'Teen Wolf's Final Season

One of the familiar faces we'll be seeing again in Teen Wolf 's final season is former cocky bad boy and Kanima Jackson Whittemore. It's been a long time since Jackson has walked the halls of Beacon Hills, as actor Colton Haynes left the show after the end of the first season.  ...Read More... //

The Current Teen Wolf Cast Is Totally On Board with Coming Back for the Reboot

Tonight, Teen Wolf returns for its final season--in theory. While there are indeed just ten more episodes of the show we currently know as Teen Wolf, it appears that MTV is not done with...  ...Read More... //

'Teen Wolf' Season 6: Are Jackson and Ethan a Couple?

Familiar faces are returning for the final season of Teen Wolf , and two of those faces are Jackson and Ethan. Both left the show in earlier seasons and when they return on the scene, it looks like they come back together. So are they just pals or are they a bit more than friends?  ...Read More... //