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Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20 Review: The Wolves of War

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the end of Teen Wolf. On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 20 , the pack came together and defeated Gerard and the anuke-ite. I don't know about you, but I could have gone my entire life without watching Scott McCall blind himself with his claws. You know, if you ignore all the problems with these final ten episodes the lack of repercussions and overall pacing then the finale is pretty good.  ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Series Finale Recap: Who Survived the Battle for Beacon Hills?

Sundays series finale of Teen Wolf may have closed the book on thischapter of Scott McCalls life, but his fight is far from over. But lets not get ahead of ourselves: The final hour picked up right where last weeks episode left off, with Scott & Co. ducking for cover from Monroes army. Thanks to [] //

Teen Wolf Review: The End is Near

Wow, Mason healed really quickly. On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 18 and Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 19 , everything appears to be fine. Mason and Lydia weren't complaining of lingering pain from, you know, being shot or undergoing surgery or anything. There's no evidence of trauma, which is Teen Wolf's main problem with these final ten episodes. When we started, it appeared like this war was going to be a personal attack on Scott and the pack. I mean Gerard came back, so how could it not be personal?   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Recap: Two Become One

Stop the Anuk-Ite, stop the war may not roll off the tongue as easily as Heroes Save the cheerleader, save the world, but with only a few episodes left in Teen Wolfs run, who am I to nitpick? Sundays (first) episode revealed that Liams biology teacher Ms. Finch for the record, I knew she [] //

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 17 Review: Werewolves of London

Wow, way to gloss over a huge tragic event that left four people in the hospital. It's totally not important. On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 17 , there was fallout from the shooting that occurred at the end of Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16 , we just don't get to see practically any of it. We jumped to the hospital and then quickly jumped again to when Melissa was out of surgery. Usually, this type of incident, a shooting where four people we care about (well three and Rafael) are severely injured, yields an emotional scene or two. We're talking tears streaming down our faces as we watch people we love hold on to dear life while the uninjured love ones fight back their emotions and try to save them.   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Recap: The British Invasion (Plus, a New Big Bad Revealed)

For the past week, Teen Wolffans have been asking, Who got shot? But as Sundays episode revealed, a more appropriate question would have been, Who didnt get shot? Considering the official trailer for the final 10 episodes included a cut of Melissa Ponzio in a hospital bed, I figured that Scotts mom would be the [] //

Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16 Review: Triggers

Gerard, maybe don't put your top secret plan on a map that anyone can see or steal it. On Teen Wolf Season 6 Episode 16 , Gerard's plan was revealed, and damn, does he dream big. It's actually not all that surprising that Gerard wants world domination. He was never going to be happy knowing that supernatural creatures were out and about living totallynormal lives not hurting anyone. Does Gerard plan to wipe them out it single-handedly, or does he have little hunter armies spread worldwide?   ...Read More...

Teen Wolf Recap: A Kiss After (Almost) Dying

A relationship and a life remain in question after Sundays romantic-yet-deadly episode of Teen Wolf. Lets start from the beginning: The plan was for Liam and Theo to make the hunters think the entire pack was hiding out at the zoo, so that the A-team (Scott, Malia and Lydia) could infiltrate the hunters base and [] //

'Teen Wolf' Recap: The War Between Hunters and Supernaturals Officially Begins

A firm date is now in sight for the end of Teen Wolf . The series will come to a close on September 24 with a super-sized episode. With a big of chunk of the final 10 episodes still to go, though, things are about to get much crazier.   MTV will be bunching up episodes, making two-parters out of episodes that were not necessarily meant to be two-parters. The first pair of episodes getting this treatment is "Face-to-Faceless" and "Pressure Test." Why the network didn't do this with the first few episodes, which were all build-up, is anyone's guess, but at least "Face-to-Faceless" and "Pressure Test" are one of the better episodes of the season thus far.   ...Read More... //

Teen Wolf Recap: Evil Shows Its Face(s)

I hope youre a fan of fake-outs, because Sundays (second) episode of Teen Wolf had em in spades! The hour began with Theo fake-out No. 1, hes not dead! being tortured by a hunter alongside a pair of wolves from Satomis pack. Things looked pretty bleak for the three captives, until Theo discovered [] //