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'Teen Wolf' Season 3 video: Stiles meets Malia at the insane asylum in 'Echo House'

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 has a Stiles problem. The formerly lighthearted kid has been possessed by a nogitsune and no solution -- other than maybe killing him -- seems to be a permanent solution.In the upcoming "Echo House" episode, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) tries to keep his friends and family safe by being committed to an insane asylum, "Echo House." But as this extended promo shows, it may not help. It may not even be Stiles in there.Is it Stiles? The earnest young man asking Scott (Tyler Posey) and his father to commit him definitely seems to be the genuine article. Other scenes, however, indicate that this might all be another clever-fox strategy to achieve a mysterious goal.The appearance of Malia (Shelley Hennig) in the asylum might support that theory. She doesn't seem happy to see Stiles (hence the punch), but could the nogitsune be targeting the were-coyote girl?The "Teen Wolf" episode, "Echo House," airs... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-video-stiles-meets-malia-at-the-insane-asylum-in-echo-house.html

'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Which character will die?

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is going to kill off at least one major character before the season finale. Who is it? While that remains a mystery, here is a ranking -- including everyone from Stiles to Danny -- of the death chances for each character on the show.Note: This list takes some liberties in defining "major" characters -- anyone recurring and important to the main plots makes the list.17. DannyEveryone loves him and there's nothing to be gained, plot-wise, from his death. The most popular kid in Beacon Hills should live to break more guys' hearts next season!16. PeterThey tried to kill him once before. It didn't stick. Not much point in doing it again, is there?15. CoachIsn't an arrow to the stomach enough for one season?14. ScottCan you even have "Teen Wolf" without Scott? The title refers to him, after all. Scott may face death and he might even come close, but it... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-which-character-will-die.html

'Teen Wolf's' Dylan O'Brien: Playing the nogitsune and going evil in Season 3

"Teen Wolf" has sent Stiles down a dark path in the second half of Season 3. Possessed by a homicidal nogitsune spirit, fun Stiles is gone for now.But is he gone forever? And what sort of creature is this nogitsune anyway? Dylan O'Brien shares secrets of his character's evil side to Zap2it.After the nogitsune's trick -- making everyone think that Stiles was back while secretly manipulating every event to cause maximum pain -- are audiences likely to see the real Stiles at all? "You'll still see Stiles," O'Brien insists. "I kind of get to balance both at the same time. Because he struggles with it, in the sense that he's always sort of there and conscious and aware. But he also isn't at the same time, and he isn't in control of what's happening to him."Need more "Teen Wolf"? Check out Zap2it's recap of "Letharia Vulpina."  According to O'Brien, the real Stiles will appear in two ways.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolfs-dylan-obrien-playing-the-nogitsune-and-going-evil-in-season-3.html

'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Bombs and other bombshells in 'Letharia Vulpina'

Boom.That would be the short recap of the "Teen Wolf" episode, "Letharia Vulpina." From explosive revelations to actual explosions -- plus a stabbing or two -- things are going a little crazy in Beacon Hills. And this is just how the nogitsune living in Stiles likes it best.The case of the disappearing StilesChaos reigned at the hospital after Stiles shorted the power and walked out, all evil-like. Then he disappeared. He disappeared for two days in fact.What happens in that time? Well, the flying power cord of doom doesn't hit Kira, but it does cause an ambulance to crash into a fire hydrant. This causes water to spray everywhere, effectively creating a kill zone of electric shock. Isaac, unfortunately, becomes one of the victims, and he weirdly doesn't heal back up (must be something to do with how electricity affects werewolves).As for Kira, she does a crazy flip over a moving car and picks up... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-bombs-and-other-bombshells-in-letharia-vulpina.html

'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Ian Bohen dishes on Peter's fatherhood and manipulations

Peter Hale is a daddy!"Teen Wolf" dropped that particular bombshell on its audience in the "Letharia Vulpina" episode of the show. Not only that, but Peter's child is none other than Malia, the coyote-girl seen at the beginning of Season 3b. What does this mean for Peter? What sort of manipulations is he up to this season? Actor Ian Bohen has the answers.Where has Peter Hale been all season?Bohen: The technical answer is that there's so many characters and so many storylines to be serviced, there's just so much time and they've gotta do what they've gotta do. Because I don't interact with all of the kids as much as I do with Derek. So if he's not around, I'm not around. The official answer would be, I don't know if he's plotting or scheming or doing something like that. Why doesn't Peter know that he has a child?Bohen: Talia took that memory from... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-ian-bohen-dishes-on-peters-fatherhood-and-manipulations.html

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 “Letharia Vulpina”

Teen Wolf  Season 3 Episode 19 “Letharia Vulpina” which airs Monday, February 17 at 10/9C on MTV. Episode Synopsis : Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 19 “Letharia Vulpina”- Scott and the others try to prevent a disaster; Lydia and Allison seek out an unlikely teacher. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/02/17/teen-wolf-season-3-episode-19-letharia-vulpina/

'Teen Wolf' Season 3 video: Pain, strife and Stiles in 'Letharia Vulpina'

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is sending Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) down a dark path, and it looks like that is going to become clear to everyone in "Letharia Vulpina." How dark is the guy going to get? Let's just say that videos from the episode show someone getting shot with an arrow while another person gets electrocuted.The two released promos for "Letharia Vulpina" seem to focus on the chaos brought by the nogitsune, the evil spirit that seems to be possessing Stiles. Will the others -- Scott (Tyler Posey) in particular -- be able to deal with Evil Stiles before it's too late? A clip from the episode may indicate that the answer is no. It's a surreal scene, featuring lots of characters running through the woods for some inexplicable reason. When they come together, Stiles finds a chain in the ground. And then a booby trap shoots Coach in the stomach with an arrow.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-video-pain-strife-and-stiles-in-letharia-vulpina.html