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'Teen Wolf' Season 3 video: Evil Stiles, internment camps and gunshots

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 is going to have an epic handful of final episodes. With the nogitsune apparently running the Stiles show, evil is stalking just about everyone in Beacon Hills. And someone is going to die.Who will it be? Will the nogitsune be defeated? Why is there footage in black-and-white? A preview for the remaining episodes of the season hints at these questions and (hopefully) some of the answers.Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) is of course a major focus of the video. Unfortunately for fans of nice, goofy Stiles, it does look like the nogitsune is in full control going forward. This might be especially problematic when Stiles' physical state is taken into consideration -- the boy doesn't look too healthy. Is this the effect of demonic possession or is that pesky dementia causing additional trouble?Other creepy moments: - The appearance of Isaac (Daniel Sharman) indicates that the werewolf does survive. His brief scene in... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-video-evil-stiles-internment-camps-and-gunshots.html

'Teen Wolf' Season 3: Stiles' 'dark path,' a character death and an 'epic confrontation'

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 has been dark -- and it's only going to get darker. With Stiles possessed by a nogitsune and wreaking havoc, death closing in on the main characters and the promise of increasing blood, fans definitely want to know what's coming next.Executive producer Jeff Davis has the answers. And Zap2it got some of those answers during a recent interview.Zap2it: Why is this half of Season 3 so very dark?Jeff Davis: We knew that we wanted to take Stiles down a dark path. He was our comic relief, but we also just wanted to try something new. My writing staff, my team and I, we try to please ourselves, we try to make it as adventurous and romantic as possible, but there is some great stuff to be had in this dark mythology with the kitsune and the Oni. I think the audience has grown to like these characters so much, that... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-stiles-dark-path-a-character-death-and-an-epic-confrontation.html

'Teen Wolf' Season 3 video: Stiles meets Malia at the insane asylum in 'Echo House'

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 has a Stiles problem. The formerly lighthearted kid has been possessed by a nogitsune and no solution -- other than maybe killing him -- seems to be a permanent solution.In the upcoming "Echo House" episode, Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) tries to keep his friends and family safe by being committed to an insane asylum, "Echo House." But as this extended promo shows, it may not help. It may not even be Stiles in there.Is it Stiles? The earnest young man asking Scott (Tyler Posey) and his father to commit him definitely seems to be the genuine article. Other scenes, however, indicate that this might all be another clever-fox strategy to achieve a mysterious goal.The appearance of Malia (Shelley Hennig) in the asylum might support that theory. She doesn't seem happy to see Stiles (hence the punch), but could the nogitsune be targeting the were-coyote girl?The "Teen Wolf" episode, "Echo House," airs... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/02/teen-wolf-season-3-video-stiles-meets-malia-at-the-insane-asylum-in-echo-house.html

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 “Echo House”

Teen Wolf  Season 3 Episode 20 “Echo House” which airs Monday, February 24 at 10/9C on MTV. Episode Synopsis : Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 “Echo House”- Scott and the others seek an important artifact; Stiles must make a decision about Eichen House. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/02/24/teen-wolf-season-3-episode-20-echo-house/

‘Teen Wolf’ Extended Trailer: Stiles Is Crazy Like a Fox (Exclusive Video)

Whatever is possessing Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) isn’t letting him go easily on Monday’s new episode of MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” When we last saw Stiles, he was on the ground — the result of Dr. Deaton’s (Seth Gilliam) temporary restraint on the “fox” that has taken over the teen. It had just forced Stiles to cause some major (and bloody) mayhem, all to have Scott (Tyler Posey) use his healing hands on several people so that the demon could suck the pain back out of Scott.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/mtv-teen-wolf-echo-house-preview