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TERRIERS “Agua Caliente” Review

This weekend I was at Disneyland with a bunch of friends and believe it or not, the subject of Terriers came up. Turns out some of us were watching it and others in the group wanted to know why and what was so good about it. It made me realize that it’s not easy explaining this show to people who haven’t seen it, and explaining why I dig it? Not so easy either. That’s because what I like about the show seems to change from week to week and that’s because Terriers seems to change from week to week. I mean so far we’ve had episodes full of humor and others that were full of drama. Then tonight we get ourselves a real, live kidnapping episode. If you’d told me when I saw the pilot that someday Britt would get kidnapped so that he could steal a buttload of cocaine to keep his girlfriend safe and that Hank would track him all the way to Tijuana to save him and get shot in the process? Yeah right, I woulda probably asked you what you were smoking. To Read More Click Here.