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'The 100': Is President Wallace good or evil? Eliza Taylor dishes the dirt

During the Season 2 premiere of  "The 100,"  Clarke was immediately suspicious of Mt. Weather. Star Eliza Taylor tells Zap2it that while Clarke will keep up appearances in the face of President Wallace, she's nowhere near done investigating her new posh digs.  "Monty and Jasper adjust really well to Mt. Weather. It's like Disneyland to them," says Taylor with a laugh. "It's the coolest, most comfortable place they've ever been. They've never eaten proper meals or slept in proper beds. It's a very big difference for them and they embrace it wholeheartedly. Clarke, however, has her doubts and feels like it's too good to be true. I don't want to say too much about Mt. Weather itself, but I can't wait for people to see exactly what's going on in there."   Read More... //www.zap2it.com/blogs/the_100_president_wallace_good_evil_eliza_taylor_interview-2014-10

'The 100' Season 2 premiere twist: Jaha's job is not done yet

"The 100"  Season 2 premiere Wednesday (Oct. 22) sees the Ark inhabitants scattered far and wide over the earth -- all except for Chancellor Jaha. Be warned about spoilers if you haven't watched the premiere episode yet.  In "The 48," The fearless leader has seemingly finished his mission and accepted that he is going to die alone in space, until the frantic cry of a baby rings out in the deserted halls of the Ark. Did that ending give you chills? If so, just wait until next week. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg tells  Zap2it  this was the way to jump-start Jaha's Season 2 storyline and it will definitely tug at the heartstrings.  Read More... //www.zap2it.com/blogs/the_100_season_2_premiere_twist_jaha_cliffhanger_interview-2014-10

Is The 100's Newest Faction Its Most Dangerous Yet?

In last season's finale of The 100 , Clarke found herself in a facility that was clearly neither Grounder nor Reaper. But does this new, more technologically advanced clan of Earth-dwellers represent a sanctuary for our space teens or a fresh danger?   Read More... //feeds.gawker.com/~r/io9/full/~3/heTl3VgKnlI/is-the-100s-newest-faction-its-most-dangerous-yet-1650035123

'The 100' Boss Breaks Down the Season 2 Premiere's Biggest Moments

Is Mount Weather too good to be true? "There are little clues that indicate that Clarke isn't being leveled with"   Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/thr/television/~3/xn_HA4VM_Tg/story01.htm

The 100 Season 2 Premiere 2014 ''The 48''

The 100  Season 2 premiere 2014 “The 48″ airs Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 9pm on the CW television network. Episode Synopsis:  The 100 Season 2 Episode 1 “The 48″ – Picking up where the season one finale ended, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) is still alone in the white room, frantically trying to make sense of her bizarre surroundings, while the fate of Bellamy (Bob Morley), Finn (Thomas McDonell) and Raven (Lindsey Morgan) is still unknown. Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) and Octavia’s (Marie Avgeropoulos) daring plan is thwarted and an enemy returns. Meanwhile, Abby (Paige Turco), Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and the survivors of the Ark must face physical and moral dilemmas in their dangerous and beautiful new world. Finally, Jaha (Isaiah Washington) makes a heroic decision.   Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/10/22/100-season-2-premiere-2014-48/

The 100' EP on Potential Clarke and Bellamy Pairing: It's Not a Romance

Survivors on The 100 will struggle with adapting to an entirely different set of surroundings on Wednesday when the CW show returns for Season 2. Executive producer Jason Rothenberg previewed the group's upcoming pitfalls in a conversation with TheWrap , teasing a totally different landscape for the survivors to traverse.   Read More... //www.thewrap.com/the-100-ep-on-potential-clarke-and-bellamy-pairing-its-not-a-romance/

THE 100: Eliza Taylor Teases Clarkes Season 2 Troubles

THE 100s Clarke couldnt catch a break in season 1, and things havent changed when season 2 picks up Clarke is trapped in a mysterious room, with no way of knowing if any of her people are still alive. Needless to say, she doesnt take it lying down. I sat down with THE 100 [] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2014/10/22/the-100-eliza-taylor-teases-clarkes-season-2-troubles/

THE 100s Isaiah Washington on Jaha in Season 2: It Gets Very Real

When THE 100 season 1 ended, it certainly seemed like Jaha was doomed: he sacrificed potentially going to Earth when he realized someone needed to stay behind on the Ark to detonate an explosive device which would lead to the various ships being propelled to the ground. Now, Jaha is trapped on the Ark, alone, [] //www.givememyremote.com/remote/2014/10/22/the-100s-isaiah-washington-on-jaha-in-season-2-it-gets-very-real/

The 100: Here's a Handy Season 1 Refresher to Prepare You for Season 2

We've compiled all the info you need to (re-)familiarize yourself with The CW's surprisingly good sci-fi series before it returns for another season of post-apocalyptic adventures.   Read More... //www.tv.com/shows/the-100/community/post/the-100-heres-a-handy-season-1-refresher-to-prepare-you-for-season-2-141382109968/

The 100 Creator on Who Survived and the Mystery Behind Mount Weather

  The best sci-fi show on TV returnsWednesdayand it's on The CW. Though it initially appeared to be yet another post-apocalyptic teen drama (love triangles and all), The 100 quickly set itself apart from the pack with its gritty realism and complex world-building. When the series returns for its second season, it continues the momentum of last year's (literally) explosive finale and builds on it by introducing viewers to the mysterious underground compound Mount Weather. But could this really be the 100's salvation? Find out what creator Jason Rothenberg has to say about this, who survived and what's to come.   Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/News/100-Season2-Spoilers-Jason-Rothenberg-1088237.aspx?rss=breakingnews