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'The A-Team' series reboot in the works

A remake of The A-Team is in the works at 20th Century Fox, EW has confirmed. Fast and Furious writer/producer Chris Morgan will serve as executive producer, along with Tawnia McKiernan, the daughter of A-Team creator Stephen J. Cannell, as first reported by Deadline....   Read More... //

The Original 'A-Team': What They're Doing Today

The new 'A-Team' movie is about to hit a theater near you and as we were all being bombarded with trailers and ads, a curious thought kept creeping into my mind: just who the hell is this new 'A-Team'? Liam Neeson, Bradley Whitford Cooper, Quintin "Rampage" Jackson: this isn't the crack commando unit still wanted by the government who solve problems that no one else can if you can find them (start in the phonebook, probably under "A"). These are imposters, charlatans, fakes, phonies and possibly poor disguises that are part of some complex plot to solve some poor schlub's problem. What happened the real 'A-Team,' the one we all knew and presumably loved? I decided it was time to do a little digging. I started at the Pentagon and the National Archives. Both representatives insisted there was no such thing as an "A-Team," but I knew that was just a ruse. All part of the plan, as Hannibal would say. The truth may surprise you. To Read More Click Here .

First Look at Jessica Biel From 'The A-Team' Set

Days after the four leading men of " The A-Team " were spotted on the set, two new set photos came out and unraveled first look at the former lover of Faceman portrayed by Jessica Biel. Brought forth by Coming Soon, the pictures captured the actress in her Army general role on a German airport set in Vancouver. Earlier, SplashNews unveiled an on-set video that features how the new A-Team will look like. Taken from the Vancouver set on Wednesday, September 30, it provided a look at Liam Neeson as Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith, Bradley Cooper as Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck, Quinton Jackson as B.A. Baracus and Sharlto Copley as H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdoch. "The A-Team" is a big screen adaptation to the popular '80s NBC series of the same name. The original idea of the TV series is used for the movie version, meaning the story will still revolve around four war veterans who are convicted of armed robbery but manage to escape from military prison and become do-gooder mercenaries. Jessica Biel stars as the Army general pursuing the mercenary team. Meanwhile, appointed director Joe Carnahan is also tapped to polish the Skip Woods' script along with writer Brian Bloom. The movie is expecting a June 11, 2010 U.S. release. Source Here

Chris Pine Pursues 'The A-Team' Role

Having landed himself a role of James T. Kirk in TV-to-film adaptation "Star Trek", Chris Pine sets his eyes on another big screen adaptation of a classic TV show, " The A-Team ". The 28-year-old confessed of his hope in joining the cast of the series' movie version to MTV when asked whether he had approached director Joe Carnahan for a possible reunion in the new project. "We've talked about it," Pine admitted in his response to the question, adding that he would love to once again work with the director after previous collaboration in "Smokin' Aces". While his good look can land him the role of Lt. Templeton "Faceman" Peck, the "Just My Luck" star has another idea in his mind. "No, Murdock is my man," he insisted. "I love Murdock." "The A-Team" will be a big screen adaptation to the NBC's popular '80s TV series of the same name. Joe Carnahan has been appointed to direct the film as well as to polish the Skip Woods' script along with writer Brian Bloom. Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Brendan Fraser and Tyrese Gibson are some of the actors linked to the project. "The A-Team" which will use the original idea of the series may begin its production sometime in June this year for a June 11, 2010 release. Starting his career through television, Chris Pine landed his first movie appearance alongside Anne Hathaway in "Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement" in 2004. Since then he has starred in a series of films, including "Blind Dating" and "Bottle Shock". He is recently linked to the Hal Jordan part in "Green Lantern". Still, he has denied of being offered the part. Source Here