The Adventures of Paddington Bear
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

"The Treasure Hunt / Paddington Goes to Hollywood / Mr. Gruber's Mystery Tour"

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Paddington decides to dig for buried treasure with his trusty magic probe metal detector. While in Mr. Curry's yard, the probe goes off, much to Mr. Curry's delight. The crotchety neighbor get to work, digging for all he's worth, and it's not until Mr. Curry has dug up his backyard that Paddington realizes the source of the metal detector's flashing was not buried treasure - but the studs on his neighbor's shoes. / Anything can happen in Hollywood, and it usually does when the difference between what's real and what's not isn't so clear for a young bear, especially one who gets to play The Claw in a big movie. Paddington's acting career is short lived, but he'll still be on big screens around the world: as the motion picture company's logo. / Mr. Gruber and Paddington embark on a mystery tour which takes them to a waxworks museum.
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