The Adventures of Paddington Bear
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

"Paddington In Touch / Paddington and the Dead Sea / Goings On At Number Thirty Two"

Dated Aired: 07/24/2004

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Paddington's old school invites the Browns to a special rugby match against a team from Peru. Paddington finds his loyalties are divided until the Peruvian team is one man short. Paddington gets in the scrum and soon helps tie the game... thanks to a little help from his Aunt Lucy, who's in England on a surprise visit. / As a reward for all their hard work, Mr. Gruber and Paddington visit a luxurious spa on the shores of the Dead Sea. Paddington is amazed at what people do to get body and mind in shape––it looks more like torture to him––and he does his best to rescue Mr. Gruber from harm. In the end, Paddington and Mr. Gruber are exhausted and need a vacation from their vacation. / Aunt Lucy's visit to London has kept the Browns on their toes and made them exhausted, so all are greatly relieved when Paddington sets out with his Aunt to do a little shopping. Little do they know they're looking for a gift to thank Mr. Brown for being so kind to Paddington, and it's a gift that will land them smack dap in the middle of the Thames in need of rescue by the harbour patrol.
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