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The Affair: The Affair Season 3 Finale: A Day in Paris

The final episode of season 3 finds Noah and Juliette in the city of light. ...Read More... //

The Affair Season 3 Episode 10 Review: The Final Gift

This certainly wasn't the finale I expected, and I'm not sure it's the finale we deserved, either. The Affair Season 3 Episode 10 blew right by any self-discovery on Noah's part after he realized he was the one who had been harming himself, concocting Gunther out of thin air and was, perhaps, on the verge of a total mental breakdown. I'd go so far as to say by the end of 310, it's even possible we were lead to believe nothing we though we'd come to believe was true at all, at least if we read a little bit into some of what Noah said. ...Read More...

The Affair Season 3 Finale Apparently Forgot Why People Actually Like The Affair

Raise your hand if Noah is at the bottom of your list of characters you watch The Affair for. Keep your hand raised if you're a little thrown off by The Affair's finale, which... ...Read More... //

The Affair Season Finale Recap: The Most Important Job

The Showtime drama hits rock bottom with an utterly terrible finale. ...Read More... //

The Affair: The Affair Season 3, Episode 9: The Truth About Gunther

Dominic West deserves combat pay for all the shaking and twitching hes had to do this season. ...Read More... //

The Affair Recap: Man in the Mirror

At last, The Affair answers the season's big question about Noah. ...Read More... //

The Affair Season 3 Episode 9 Review: Dirty Laundry

Without serious help, both Helen and Noah are in danger of losing everything. Both of them cracked under pressure on The Affair Season 3 Episode 9 . Helen's parents falling in line with Vic proved too much for her, and keeping the secret about Scotty's death was no longer of interest. Noah, on the other hand, had to face over 30 years worth of lies that had been building up inside him. Now that the truth is out, can either of these two start putting their fractured lives back together? ...Read More...

The Affair: The Affair Season 3, Episode 8: People See What They Want to See

The Affair got back to Montauk with an Alison-and-Cole episode. ...Read More... //

The Affair Season 3 Episode 8 Review: The Miserable Hero

Not until it their relationship was finally over did I realize how invested I was in Cole and Alison finding their way back to each other. Cole had secrets that came to light on The Affair Season 3 Episode 8 , but they weren't anything to do with the attempted murder of Noah Solloway. Instead, Cole has been living a lie about the love of his life. As Alison put it, Cole had to decide whether to be the happy asshole or the miserable hero, and making his choice kind of ripped my heart out. From the look on his face, a little bit of his was torn out for good, as well. ...Read More...

The Affair Recap: The Awful Truth

Cole's love for Alison may lead to his undoing. ...Read More... //