The Amazing Race Canada
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The Amazing Race Canada

"Check the Cannons!"

Date Aired: Aug 19, 2013 (Canada)

The Amazing Race Canada S1E6
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The five remaining teams headed to Quebec City, where teams faced obstacles with the French language and French food. In this leg's Detour teams chose between Sculpt It or Spot It. In Sculpt It, teams must choose an ice sculpture of a star, a house, or a boat, then chisel out a copy of the same design on another ice block to get their next clue. In Spot It, teams must find a replica painting with missing items. They must find the original mural image then place Québécois French words in the correct order to receive their next clue. In the leg's Roadblock, one team member must take orders from customers, then a chef will demonstrate how to make a proper crêpe, two savoury and two sweet crêpes. Then they must create four crêpes with the right ingredients and using the proper method to make crêpes, then serve it to the customer. Once they served all four crêpes, the chef will give them the next clue.
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