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CBS Releases Midseason Schedule

What's on the docket for CBS in 2009? There's not all that much change occurring (or necessary), seeing as CBS is easily the most successful network, though we do have announcements of a returning series as well as a few new series premieres. Summer success (and Canadian import) Flashpoint will return on January 9th; it replaces the Friday at 9PM timeslot briefly held by The Ex List . New seasons of Survivor and The Amazing Race will premiere on February 12 and 15th, respectively. Eleventh Hour will take a break in April, and beginning on the 19th, new wedding-horror series Harper's Island will debut, starring Christoper Gorham. The final addition for CBS Midseason is a new Ashton Kutcher (yes, another one) reality series entitled Game Show in My Head, which will air on Saturdays at 8PM beginning Hanuary 3rd. Source: TV Guide Also be sure to check out the FOX and NBC Midseason Schedules.

Season 13 Cast Revealed

Check out the cast for season 13 of The Amazing Race now! Meet The Amazing Race Teams