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The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 30?

A quartet of teams remained atop Wednesdays Amazing Race finale, but only a single duo would get to take home that million-dollar (before taxes) grand prize. The remaining eight players Team Yales Henry and Evan, Team Extremes Kristi and Jen, TeamBig Brothers Cody and Jessica, and Team IndyCars Alex and Conor jetted to []

The Amazing Race 30 Recap 1/10/18: Season 30 Episode 2 “You’re the Best French Fry Ever”

Kristi & Jen are in first place and the first team to depart, they are heading to Antwerp, Belgium. First, they are flying to Amsterdam and then taking a train the Antwerp where they will have to find a chocolate shop by 9 am to get their next clue and they have $272.00 for the next leg of the race. Cody & Jessica are leaving next, Cody makes a comment about how exciting it is to run around with some you like on the race and Jessica gives him this look and he quickly corrects himself and says, love. Henry & Evan are in the 3rd place and they also get on their way. Trevor & Chris are really excited to be in the race and love that they are getting the chance to integrate into different cultures. Regardless of penalties and difficulties in the last leg, everyone is now on the same playing field. READ MORE...

The Amazing Race 30 Premiere Recap 1/3/18: Season 30 Episode 1 “You’re a Champion, Prove It”

The town of Manhattan is the starting line for the 30th season of the Amazing Race. Making their way to the starting line right now are the most competitive teams they have ever assembled. Joey & Tim are competitive eaters, Cedric & Shawn are former basketball players, Dessie & Kayla are models, Alex & Conor – Alex is a race car driver, Kristi & Jen are professional skiers, Cody & Jessica are former Big Brother players; these are just a few. Time to start this season, the teams have a plane to catch, but first they have to get their clue and it is in the fountain – time to get wet. A little more about the other contestants; Lucas & Brittany are ocean rescue lifeguards, April & Sarah are goat yoga instructors, Henry & Evan are Yale students, Eric & Daniel are twins and are both firefighter paramedics, Trevor & Chris are violinists. Teams are now making their way to Iceland when they land they must drive themselves to a river canyon waterfall called Geitargljufur and pick up their next clue. READ MORE...

The Amazing Race 29 Finale Recap 6/1/17: Season 29 Episode 12 “We’re Going to Victory Lane”

Tonight’s Thursday June 1 The Amazing Race recap begins now – Refresh Page often to get the most current updates! The series finale starts with a recap of the final three team’s journey to the last episode. Scott and Brooke, Logan and London, and Joey and Tara are the last teams remaining in the competition. They board a first class flight headed to Chicago, Illinois. Their first destination is Chicagoland Speedway where the teams face a pit stop. Each team must complete Start Your Engine where one team member must change a tire within 40 seconds. The other team member will need to complete a lap around the track in 48 seconds. Scott and Brooke start in first place followed by Tara and Joy in second and Logan and London in third. Each team struggles getting the tire changed in the allotted time and need four attempts before they are successful. Scott, Logan and Tara all fail to get around the track fast enough and must try several times. Once this task is completed teams must head to the Monroe Street Subway station for their next clue. READ MORE...

'The Amazing Race' Season 29 Finale Recap: The (Surprising) Winners are Crowned!

The Amazing Race is coming to an end for the season. After a return to the stranger team format (which was much more successful than the first go-around but still not fantastic) this weird season of the show is almost over. It is fitting though that none of the teams seem like they really belong in the finale. They might be likable enough (well, they're likable enough if they're not named Brooke) but these aren't the best of the best. Even Team Mom and Dad aren't quite The Amazing Race superstars that everyone pretended they were this season. Yet one of these teams does win and it probably isn't the one you expected to walk away victorious.  ...Read More... //

The Amazing Race Finale Recap: Did Your Favorite Team Win Season 29?

From its inception, Season 29 of CBS The Amazing Race has sought to shake things up, beginning with the decision to form 11 teams out of 22 complete strangers. And for at least six of those strangers Brooke Camhi and Scott Flanary, London Kaye and Logan Bauer, and Tara Carr and Joey Covino [] //

The Amazing Race 29 Recap 5/25/17: Season 29 Episode 11 “As Easy as Stacking Cups”

The show begins with four teams competing to be in the final three for a chance to win $1,000,000. Matt and Redmond are the first to leave and fly to Seoul, South Korea. Brooke and Scott leave in second place followed by Joey and Tara in third and Logan and London are the last to depart. All four teams make it on the same flight and it is a race to find a taxi. However, Matt and Redmond decide to take the subway because they were told traffic is horrible in South Korea. Tara and Joey are the first to arrive a get a clue that sends them to a road block where one team member must complete speed cup stacking. Brooke and Scott then Logan and London arrive next. Matt and Redmond’s choice of taking the subway puts them in last place. Brooke, Joey and London will complete the task for their teams. Brooke finishes first and she and Scott head by taxi to their next challenge. Joey finishes in second and he and Tara move on. London and Logan move on next. All three teams finish before Matt and Redmond even arrive. READ MORE...

The Amazing Race 29 Recap – Becca and Floyd Eliminated: Season 29 Episode 10

Five teams remain but Joey and Tara will have to complete a speed bump to successfully finish this leg of the race. The teams that finish in the top four places will move on to the finals. Floyd and Becca leave first and board a bus to Ninh Binh. Matt and Redmond leave in second, Logan and London are in third, Brooke and Scoot are in fourth with Joey and Tara in last place. Floyd and Becca and Matt and Redmond leave on the first bus. The last three teams all get onto the second bus even though Scott and Brooke tried to pay the bus driver to leave before Tara and Joey could board. As teams arrive in Ninh Binh they must check out bicycles and ride to a local temple. Teams find their clue at the temple, must grab a gnome and get back onto their bikes. The next stop is a road block were they must load basket traps onto their bike and deliver them. READ MORE...

The Amazing Race 29 Recap – Becca and Floyd Eliminated: Season 29 Episode 9

Five teams remain and head to Corinth Canal. Tara and Joey leave in first place, Matt and Redmond in second, Scott and Brooke in third, Logan and London in fourth and, Floyd and Becca in fifth. Once arriving at the Canal teams must decide who will complete the roadblock. The roadblock involves bungee jumping off of the Bridge of Corinth. Joey is the first to jump and then he and Tara head to Vietnam. Matt is next to jump and he is excited but nervous. He loves the experience. He and Redmond are in second and head to the airport. As Scott and Brooke drive toward the Canal Scott says it is his turn to complete the road block. His only fear is that it will be bungee jumping. He can do anything but that. They open the clue and Scott cannot believe it is bungee jumping. He begins to scream and cry that he can’t do it. He gets suited up but is still crying and shaking as he moves out toward the edge of the platform. READ MORE...

'The Amazing Race' Recap: The Teams Stack Cups and Play Video Games for a Spot in the Finale

The Amazing Race . It should be cause for the competition to kick into really high gear. This doesn't really happen though. The remaining teams are definitely thirsty for a win as the race heads to South Korea but it isn't very tense. One team, Matt and Redmond, make a huge mistake at the start of the leg choosing the much slower subway over a taxi. This puts them in dead last place and they can't get a leg up, no pun intended towards Redmond's situation, after the error. Thankfully The Amazing Race makes up for Matt and Redmond's blunder by providing some of the most entertaining challenges of the season, if not series. It easy the blow of this leg being decided before the first commercial break.   ...Read More... //