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THE AMAZING RACE 16 Episode 3 "Run Like Scalded Dogs! (Argentina)"

Check out photos of the latest episode of THE AMAZING RACE 16 Episode 3 "Run Like Scalded Dogs! (Argentina)" which airs Sunday Feb. 28 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Synopsis: The nine remaining teams depart the Pit Stop at Gruta de la Virgen in Puerto Varas, Chile and head to Argentina where one detour consists of carrying a wooden horse through a Polo Training Field and hitting a ball inside the goal in order to receive the next clue and a Road Block where one teammate must use a lariat to lasso a wooden target in order to receive their next clue. Source & Preview

'The Amazing Race' Pit Stop Fiver: Argentina's Got Nuclear Fusion and Ducks

After two legs in Chile, we are headed to Argentina--another country where Brazilian reals are not accepted. I think. That's how logic should go, right? Anyway, I'm here again, with Wikipedia on one window and Microsoft Word on the other, setting you up for what you might expect on The Amazing Race this Sunday. Spoilers have suggested we're headed to Bariloche in Argentina, which should be as beautiful as Puerto Varas in Chile, because... It isn't a very long trip. Saw the maps? Bariloche, on the southeastern side of the country, is almost beside Puerto Varas. I think it's just a bus ride or something. In fact, the city is also settled by the same German immigrants who settled into Puerto Varas in the mid-19th century. (It even was a haven for Nazi veterans at one point.) Goods from the Chilean city of Puerto Montt usually end up in the city. To Read More Click Here .