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Interview: Brent and Caite from 'The Amazing Race'

When I heard that Brent and Caite were joining The Amazing Race, the first thing that came to my head was that thing Caite did during the Miss Teen USA pageant years back. I thought it'd be amusing to see her race. I thought Brent and Caite wouldn't last long, but I kept that opinion throughout the race--at least until the last two legs, when I realized that there's more to Brent and Caite than I thought. I caught up with Brent and Caite early this week, and apart from the obvious discussion of the lesbian couple's comments against them, we talked about losing sleep during pit stops and why Caite will never go away. To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Jet and Cord from 'The Amazing Race'

t's a no-brainer: cowboys Jet and Cord are probably the biggest fan favorites on The Amazing Race by far. They're fun to watch, they're quite good at the race, and they remain down to earth in spite of being in the front of the pack for most of the race. No wonder most of us were rooting for them to win. Even if they ended up in second place, we all feel they're winners. I caught up with the cowboys early this week, and despite the interview's short length, you can feel how close they are as brothers. We talked about their almost-elimination, their take on Dan and Jordan's game-changing move, and their hometown with one yellow light. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Jet and Cord: We're "Still Wondering" Why Dan and Jordan Cut in Line

Jet and Cord McCoy's never-say-die attitude helped them make Amazing Race history earlier this season when they became the first team to jump from last to first with a Speed Bump. But the cowboys/brothers couldn't make one last comeback when it mattered most in the finale, falling to Dan and Jordan. "We thought we could catch up to them right up until we came out on the tunnel and saw them on the mat already," Jet, 30, tells TVGuide.com. "There was obviously disappointment that we were second, but you take the bad with the good. We had a great time and feel like we ran a great Race." See what else they say about the infamous cut-in-line, if they tried to move up to first class and why Cord, 29, had "a lot of fun" at the virtual reality task. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Daniel and Jordan: First-Class Move "Made All the Difference in the World"

It became a battle of the brothers at the end of The Amazing Race 16, with the Rhode Island-bred Daniel, 25, and Jordan Pious, 23, edging out cowboys Jet and Cord for the $1 million - without any advantage from cutting in line at the airport. "We were in the same exact plane at the same exact time, all middle seats in three consecutive rows. Caite and Brent, who were first to get tickets, were in the row furthest from the front," Dan tells TVGuide.com. "If people want to be up-in-arms about cutting, I can understand that, but don't think that it affected the Race. ... And Cord did a good job of getting revenge and distracting me at the virtual challenge, so I guess we're even." It was, rather, the move up to first class that ensured the Piouses a lead that they never relinquished. So how did they smooth-talk their way up front? To Read More Click Here .

Interview: Louie and Michael from 'The Amazing Race'

Louie and Michael started The Amazing Race with a bold claim: they'd finish first in every leg. Well, that didn't happen, and they struggled for most of the race, save for a couple of legs in Europe. But that's not how I remember the two of them. I'll perhaps remember them for the decisions they made during their run on the show: their controversial U-turns, their alliances, and their intentions. To Read More Click here .

The Amazing Race' Recap: You Can't Do This Alone Even If You Want To

With last week's non-elimination leg, four teams remain on The Amazing Race. This episode's pretty crucial, judging from Phil's spiel while introducing the Pit Stop: "the last team to check in will be eliminated." Ahh, I haven't heard that in a while. But first, another pass through Shanghai, where stresses run high because you cannot just run the race by yourself... Further entanglement: This week's leg is defined by the very first clue: a trip to the Garden Bridge. But before you go "it's a simple clue" like Brent did, think again: locals only know this place as the Waibaidu Bridge, and that proves to be a struggle for every team, especially for brothers Dan and Jordan, who decide to team up with detectives Louie and Michael after a two-hour fruitless search. As if they haven't had enough of each other when they raced last week's leg together. Dan's got one more thing going against him: the language barrier. "I'm not returning to China again," he said, before finally throwing a tantrum inside the cab they hailed. I feel bad for their cab driver, who seems to either be confused by the train wreck potential behind him, or has no choice but to stop, letting the detectives (who he was asked to follow) slip away. It could've been worse, though, and they eventually catch up with each other. The brothers planned to use the detectives to find the bridge, and then split up with them when the Speed Bump comes along. That plan worked initially, but they met up again at the Detour, where they looked a shop full of chops (that's wooden stamps) for one with a pig and their names. At least it meant a pretty tight race for third place. Despite their optimism, and the good luck ritual they did during the Speed Bump, Louie and Michael were sent home. How many coins did they toss again? That must've made things worse. Not this time, boys: Of course, I'm still rooting for cowboys Jet and Cord, who continue to endear me in every single leg. And with all the air time they're getting, isn't it obvious they're going to win the entire race? After Cord talks about having his skull smashed by a cow and having Jet watch over him throughout his hospital stay, they continue going through the leg like they always have: with an unusual savvy and amazement. "Back in our town we only have one light, and it's yellow," Cord said again as they motorbiked through Shanghai towards the detour. But this wasn't their lucky day. Sure, they finished the Roadblock--counting 523 golden statues inside the Longhua Temple--in one try, and they continued to be calm under pressure, but the most unlikely team one-upped them this week: Brent and Caite. The two frontrunners crossed paths many times this week, although it's funny seeing the cowboys pass Brent by at the Roadblock without noticing at all. Like the last two teams, they found themselves in a foot race towards the Pit Stop. Or maybe it was editing. The models won that easily, aided partly by luck (local with GPS: lucky break) and by something else you wouldn't expect... A woman with something to prove: The models also got a lot of screen time this week, with Caite discussing her Miss Teen USA flub again, and talking about her intentions of running the race: to prove herself to the world. I, for one, was a skeptic when we began this season, but I think she's successful: she really has proven herself to be more than that girl who said "South Africa and the Iraq such as". She may have struggled with the Roadblock this week--she had to count thrice, eventually complaining that "after a while they start coming together as this one big golden statue"--but it was her attitude that kept her team going during the Detour. She was just looking, just looking, and then, bam, she found her chops and they finished first. In Brent's words, "she's got it upstairs and she's not as dumb as everybody thinks." Oh, Brent, he who's thrown a lot more tantrums than Dan. I thought we'd see a more enlightened version of him, especially when he started talking about soaking up the Buddhist culture at the Roadblock. And then, at the Detour, he whines about being distracted because he's got to go to the toilet, and starts arguing with his girlfriend, who's busy winning the race. "I thought he was gonna pee in the room," Cord said. Brent did get his wish granted, and it didn't prevent them from finishing first, but he's got to learn a lot from Caite: "I haven't peed since 8:30 in the morning," she went The Amazing Race wraps up next week, with the final three teams facing actual reality and virtual reality in San Francisco. Who's your bet for the big win? You know mine...

'The Amazing Race' Pit Stop Fiver: Shanghai is Massive

We're sticking with Shanghai on The Amazing Race this week, which means we're sticking with the city for the last pit stop fiver of the season. Last time we talked about noodles and Shanghai's place as home of many things modern in China, today we'll talk about buildings. Yes, I'm aware I'm indulging in my childhood interests a bit here. Shanghai, after all, is the financial center of China, and most photos of the city are of its instantly recognizable skyline--the new one rising in the Pudong district. But its financial status isn't a recent one: it's always been that way since the end of the 19th century. Nonetheless, the city is a major one, as signified by its selection as the home of the 2010 World Expo which kicks off tomorrow. If only to highlight the immensity of the city--Jet and Cord find it an intimidating place to navigate, after all--here's the usual five facts about those buildings. As always, I'm helped by Wikipedia and, this time, a couple of magazines I picked up over the weekend. Huge buildings, yes. To Read More Click Here .

'The Amazing Race' Pit Stop Fiver: Of Dragons, Old Noodles and the City of Shanghai

Now that The Amazing Race is back to regular programming, we can resume doing these pit stop fivers. And, after the modern comforts of Singapore, we are headed to the Chinese city of Shanghai. Not that I'm saying the place is far from modern: anybody who watches the news would know that Shanghai has become a symbol of a resurging China. But the country's always been a mix of the old and the new: a strong sense of tradition colliding, and meshing, with the demands of the modern economy. I've only seen the country through those travel documentaries (and that one visit to Hong Kong a couple of years ago) and it's quite evident they're not just managing with juggling both those aspects. They're doing it quite nicely. As always, this fiver is built to set you up for the things you should expect in the race, and perhaps give you a handful of tidbits about our host country. My help in this regard, as always, is trusty Wikipedia and the folks over at RFF. And with that, let the storytelling begin. To Read More Click Here .

'The Amazing Race' Pit Stop Fiver: It's Singapore, Lah

"Singapore is a very fine city," my tour guide, Violet, said during my first visit to this island city-state. "Fine, because there is a fine for everything. There's a fine for spitting, a fine for littering..." Despite the strictness and its seemingly high-strung nature, Singapore is one of my favorite countries. I haven't traveled much, but I've been in this country twice, the last time just half a year ago. There's something about this country that I like and yet can't explain. It's warmer, for one. It's very diverse. And for some reason, I feel comfortable there. The Amazing Race heads here this Sunday, and I thought I'd make this week's pit stop fiver a little more special. Sure, I still relied on the usual sources - that'd be Wikipedia and the forums - but I'm giving it a bit of a personal touch. I've got a couple of stories in here, along with a handful of photos I took, all to help you make sense of the race, and the place as well. Trust me, it's good. To Read More Click Here .

Amazing Race's Steve and Allie: Elimination "Hard to Swallow"

After a winning leg in the Seychelles (at the expense of losing their bags), the father-daughter duo Steve and Allie Smith ran a muddled leg in Malaysia and were eliminated on Sunday's Amazing Race. "Being in sports, that's what happens sometimes. You have a great day one day and a horrible one the next," Steve, the Cleveland Indians third base coach, tells TVGuide.com. "I'm not saying we were the best team, but we were good and we felt like we were on a roll and had a good opportunity to win. One little thing knocks you out." In this case, it was multiple, direction-challenged cab drivers. Find out how much time they bled shuffling between Detours, what Allie, 23, blames herself for, and what Steve, 57 - who won a World Series ring with the 2008 Philadelphia Phillies - wishes he had in Malaysia. To Read More Click Here .